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3 Ways You Should Stain Your Deck

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

A deck is highly susceptible to damage from various factors. Natural elements like the sun, moisture, humidity, and UV rays affect the quality of the deck over time. Deck boards will wear due to the various activity happening on it. Painting, sealing or staining are the options available to protect the deck from such damages. Out of all these options, staining your deck is the best way to make your deck last longer. Here are a few reasons why you should stain your deck:

1. For Better Aesthetics

The overall look of the deck is retained if the wood has a natural finish to it. Painting the deck boards can give it an artificial look, potentially making it seem less appealing. Staining, however, can preserve that rustic look of the wood. You can select from either an untinted, uncolored stain to maintain the natural appearance of the wood or a colored stain to complement its color. The stain gets absorbed in the deck rather than just settling on the top like paint, enhancing the overall effect of the wood. The stains used are semi-transparent ones, so the wood grain is still visible even after application. All these factors show that staining is a better option to maintain the aesthetics of the deck.

2. For Preventing Decay

Staining does a better job of preventing the deck from rotting. The decayed wood will not only make it look less appealing but also lead to dangers because of a weak structure. The stain, as mentioned above, is absorbed in the wood. It adds an extra protection against rotting. Most of the stains are oil-based so, they form a barrier against the moisture, preventing decay. Painting the wood, on the other hand, may not form an effective barrier against such decay. This is especially true, if the paint gets chipped or broken in places. Plus, water can seep into the wood through such gaps, causing further damage. Such a condition can be avoided by using some good quality oil-based stains during the deck construction.

3. For Protection from Sun and Moisture

Staining the wood also protects it from other damages from the sun and weather conditions. The UV rays of the sun can affect the wood, leading to wear and tear in the grain and a weathered look in the overall finish of the wood. Excessive heat can render the wood dry, causing it to chip and splinter. Painting can prevent these problems, but not for long. The texture of the paint also gets affected by the same factors, causing it to peel. And, once the paint peels off, the wood is exposed to damage. As mentioned above, the stain seeps into the wood grain, offering it protection from the sun and keeping it intact to avoid it from shrinking.

Some other reasons to stain the wood include cost-effectiveness, wide range of options, and the durability of the stain. It is also a better option for walking surfaces, where the use of paint can reduce the friction and create a slippery surface. Read here for more such ways to make your deck last longer. You can also contact us here for deck construction or any other renovation needs.


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