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4 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Siding

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Most homeowners wait until the last minute to get their siding installed or repaired. This is one such aspect of your house which needs to be worked on once in a few years. The ideal time to get a siding installed is during spring when the weather is favorable for renovation. And while doing it, you have to make sure the installation process is done the right way to avoid any maintenance issues later on. If you are planning to get your siding installed any-time soon, then here are a few common siding installation mistakes you must avoid:

Choosing a low-Quality, Cheap Product

It is always better to buy a high-quality product and use it for a longer period of time than to buy a cheap product and replace it in a short span of time. Aluminum and Vinyl are popular siding options among homeowners. Though they do have their own unique set of advantages, they also have a long list of downsides. For example, in colder places, vinyl siding tends to crack and chip faster whereas aluminum siding tends to show paint chips after the installation process. So make sure that you opt for a product from a good brand which offers a warranty period of at least 5 years.

Not Having a Paper Wrap for Your House

A paper wrap is something that protects your walls and doors from moisture. A siding should ideally be installed under a surface which is dry to prevent damage which might be caused due to moisture. Apart from this, all doors and windows should have an extra layer of flashing tape to protect your siding from leaks. In the absence of a flashing tape, you stand the risk of damaging your newly installed siding.

Using Improper Nailing Technique

While installing your siding, you have to make sure that the nailing is done correctly. If you are careless with your nailing technique, then it can falter the entire installation process. It can also lead to gaps in between the siding, this will eventually lead to moisture damage. Ideally, you should not be able to see nail heads once your siding is installed. If exposed, then the nails can create holes where water vapor can get trapped and that is far from desirable for your siding.

Not Hiring a Professional for the Job

No matter how much we love DIYs, when it comes to technical work, it is always best to hire a professional. This applies to your siding installation as well. You might be good at what you do but a professional home renovator comes with years of experience. Professionals are usually specialists in their field of work and take full responsibility for the job that they are doing. Good professionals even give guarantee their work and charge less for any repeat work required. Now that you know these are the common siding installation mistakes people make, see to it that you avoid doing them. And, if you are looking for a good professional to get your siding done, then get in touch with our experts at ACT Home services.



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