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4 Signs Your Home Deck Needs Attention

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Your home deck is a vital part of your home. It is an extension of your living space and an add on to the overall appearance of your home. The lifespan of every deck depends on its material, weather conditions in your locality, and maintenance. The average lifespan of a home deck can be anywhere between 10-15 years on an average. Decks which outlast their lifespan stand a chance of collapsing and causing damages and injuries. This can be avoided with proper home deck maintenance. There are many Alberta home renovators who can help you with deck maintenance but ACT home service professionals have abundant experience and expertise to enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. So when do you know that your deck needs attention? Here are a few warning signs that indicate it’s time for you to either repair or rebuild your home deck.

1) Appearance

When you get your home deck installed, it is usually coated with acrylic coatings. This gives it a good finish. But in due course of time, your deck begins to appear dull and faded. It loses its aesthetic appeal. Dirt and debris spoil the look of your deck. This can be fixed with an effective pressure wash. This will help restore your deck’s natural luster.

2) Stains on the Deck

If you notice green and black spots on your deck, then it is a clear indication that your deck needs maintenance. These spots are formed due to the growth of harmful algae and mold. This is not only detrimental to your deck but also for the people living in your home. You certainly don’t want your children inhaling spores of algae and mold. A good wash can clear out all the spots on your deck.

3) Corroded Deck Fasteners and Connectors

Deck fasteners and connectors are made of metal which can react with environmental components and get corroded. This can be avoided if you wash your decks from time to time. While giving your deck a power wash ensure that you tidy up your metal fasteners and connectors as well. But if they are corroded to a point where even cleaning won’t help, then it’s best to consult an Alberta home renovator.

4) Decaying Wood

This is can be a problem if your deck is made of wood. Decaying and rotting wood is a red flag for your home deck. Ignored portions of your home deck can collapse and cause serious injuries and damages. So act before any of that happens and consult your home renovator to fix the issue at the earliest.

There are many Alberta home renovators who offer home deck maintenance services. ACT Home services is one of them. We offer a wide range of renovation services which includes deck maintenance, roofing, siding, eavestroughs, fencing, kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and basements.


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