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5 Home Renovation Lessons To Take From Property Brothers

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

A timely renovation is important to ensure the structural stability of your home so that it can withstand the extreme climatic changes comfortably. But, planning and executing a nifty renovation project is no easy feat. Hence, you should certainly take all the help you can in the form of a design consultant or an experienced renovation contractor. If you are the one planning the remodeling, then you’d want to catch a few episodes of Property Brothers. This Canadian Renovation show offers great insights and practical advice for people who wish to renovate their property. Here are a few tips from Property Brothers that make your home renovation in Edmonton a smooth sailing:

1. Comfortable Always Trumps Style

It’s a waste of living space when a room just looks good but is not comfortable to live in. Thus, an important tip to keep in mind while planning your home renovation in Edmonton is prioritizing comfort. Don’t be hesitant while creating your own space and personalizing it to suit all your regular needs. Irrespective of the trend, opt for a remodeling style which is comfortable as well as modern. Consulting a renovation contractor can help you create this style easily.

2. Vintage Is Always A Good Option

Most homeowners think about throwing out the old, vintage furniture and replacing it with modern pieces. However, Property Brothers have repeatedly shown that vintage never goes out of style. With a little refurbish and polish, you can easily combine your old, vintage furniture with modern elements to give your home a unique look.

3. You Can Never Go Wrong With Hardwood Floors

Wondering which flooring material you should choose for your home? Well, when in doubt, dark hardwood flooring is the safest and best choice. It never goes out of style, whether your home has a modern or a vintage design. Additionally, hardwood floors are good insulators and are winter-friendly flooring options.

4. Have A Pet-Friendly Dècor

The small, lovable creatures make a big place in our life. Hence, an important lesson to keep in mind while remodeling is making sure the project is completed keeping these animals in mind. This includes the selection of pet-friendly renovation materials and construction of a pet station. A pet-friendly remodel also makes it easy to keep your home clean and tidy.

5. Fireplaces Are Necessary

Refitting your old fireplace with a modern extension which has a gas insert is always a good idea. A few advantages of using such modern fireplaces is that they use less energy and can be controlled by a remote.

These were a few lessons from Property Brothers that all homeowners can utilize. To plan and complete a successful home renovation in Edmonton, get in touch with our experts at ACT Home services today.



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