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7 Kitchen Trends Which are Here To Stay

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Similar to the trends in the fashion industry, the world of home décor also sets trends for every season. It is interesting to note these changes and advances in the color schemes, furniture, bathroom fixtures, curtains, room structures and even the level of technology used in homes with each varying season. These styles inspire most owners to design or remodel various aspects of their home and make them more functional and beautiful. Kitchens top these lists for renovations. And this is why, our focus today, is on the top 7 kitchen trends that will last. If you are planning for a kitchen renovation anytime soon, then be sure to make use of these timeless decor ideas:

Stainless Steel

No matter what the year is, stainless steel is going to be an all-time favorite for home renovation companies. Homeowners opt for stainless steel countertops, shelves, and appliances to add a contemporary appeal to their home. The durability and longevity of this alloy make it one of the many kitchen trends that will last.

Ceiling Treatments

Ceiling treatments such as molding, use of tongue and groove planks and false ceilings are some of the most popular ways of designing your kitchen overhead. This trend is not just limited to your kitchen but can be implemented to other rooms of the house as well. Ceiling treatments also add depth and make your kitchen look bigger.

Painted Cabinets

Gone are the Victorian days when kitchens had open wooden cabinets. These days most homeowners prefer getting their cabinets painted. These cabinets can be either painted in monochrome or in dual tones. This trend has lasted ever since the advent of the modern kitchen and is surely not going away anytime soon.

Technology Trends

We all know how technology has consistently made a mark on every aspect of human life. This is visible in the advancement of kitchen trends as well. The use of LED lights, range hoods, electric ovens and dishwashers and digital weighing scale is something you will find in all modern kitchens and despite the passing of time, these technological trends will continue to have a place in the kitchen.

Integrated Appliances

This is the era of integrated appliances. Be it your electric oven, gas top or even dishwasher, home renovators find ingenious ways to integrate them into your kitchen to make them look seamless.

Open Kitchen

Post the advent of food reality shows, the trend of open kitchens have taken the market by storm. It is the most preferred choice for gourmet cooks. The best part about an open kitchen is that you can use a small space and at the same time make it seem large. This is a trend that will surely last.

Staying Organized

Last but not the least, staying organized will never go out of fashion. It is still the most preferred way of maintaining your kitchen. The best of the best kitchen designs can go awry if you fail to keep your kitchen organized.

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