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Are Kitchen Renovations Worth the Investment? What to Know

At first, a kitchen remodel seems straightforward. Considering how often this space is used in your home, it only makes sense to renovate it. However, you have to understand that every change you make to your home will affect its value in the long run. Other than the kitchen’s practical uses, you’ll also need to evaluate whether or not a kitchen renovation will be worth the return on investment.

If you want to know whether or not a kitchen remodel is worth it, here are several points to consider before pushing through with your project:

How Do Renovations Affect Your Home’s Value?

While you wouldn’t be wrong to assume that conducting renovations to your home will increase its value, this isn’t the case for all renovations. One thing that you should be wary of is trendy renovations that may not hold up in the long run.

Thinking long-term is the key to maximizing home renovations. Instead of going overboard with your renovations, simple and practical changes are the way to go. This is especially true for spaces like the kitchen where an expensive renovation may not increase your home’s overall value.

What Renovations Should You Avoid?

In general, you’ll want to avoid installing any ostentatious fixtures in your kitchen. One common example of this is impractical light and lamps. While you might personally be a fan of avant-garde fixtures, they are often costly. This becomes an issue when you’re trying to sell your home, as impractical designs aren’t for everyone, so your potential buyers may seek to replace them.

This also applies to the colour palette that you choose for your kitchen. Unconventional colours can lower your home’s value, as they may just end up being redone to suit the general population’s taste. A good rule of thumb is to keep everything simple and clean so that you minimize the risk of a low return on your investment. As such, be sure to opt for practical and cost-effective renovations that will only improve the general state of your kitchen!

What Type of Renovations Are Best?

When it comes to renovations that increase your home’s value, you’ll want to opt for a minor to a mid-range kitchen remodel instead of any drastic changes. By undertaking minor to mid-range kitchen renovation, you’ll stand to recoup around 77.6% of your initial investment.

One tip that you must consider is to use what you already have in your kitchen. Instead of adding new cabinetry, you can just give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint. This is a great cost-effective solution to make your worn-out cabinets look good as new!

Another method is to repaint your kitchen. This will instantly freshen up your kitchen without you needing to break the bank. When it comes to the colours that you use, you’ll want to keep them as neutral as possible because the goal is to make your kitchen look clean, not trendy.

Lastly, spending on appliances is never a bad idea. This is because keeping your appliances up to date is a great way to boost your kitchen’s functionality. For the best results, try to get everything on sale so that you can get the most out of your investment!


While kitchen renovations may seem complicated at first, all you need to do is to approach it with practicality in mind and the right steps. Be sure to remember the points mentioned in this list so that you can make more informed decisions to get the most out of your kitchen renovations!

At Act Home Services, we provide interior and exterior home renovations, such as roofing, gutter services, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects. If you’re looking for an expert home renovation contractors in Red Deer, Alberta, get in touch with us today for a free consultation and estimate!


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