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Are You Paying Attention To The Roof Of Your House?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Considered structurally, the roof of your house is unquestionably one of the more important segments of your property. There are several risks that come with a vulnerable, feeble roof that has the capacity to cause you great financial, physical and emotional discomfort, and in extreme cases danger to you and your family.

A leaking roof could also ruin your ceiling and cause damage to your attic and the valuables that you have stored there. It also increases the chances of mold and mildew that has a tendency to spread throughout your house. Lastly, there could be the danger of a fire if your electric wiring is concealed close to your attic. Here we intend to present to you a brief summary of warning signs that you should be on the lookout for regarding your roof:

The Presence of Water Spots

The presence of a yellowish water spot on your ceiling is certainly something that you should be concerned about. Rainwater travels through the panel of your roof, further making its way through to the insulation and then leaves a mark on your ceiling as well. If these spots continue to darken after periods of rain, you could be certain that your roof needs reworking.

The Presence of Light or Wind

An effective and convenient method to detect a problem with your roof would be checking for creeping in light on the inside of your roof. The same applies to wind as well. If you detect the presence of light and wind, it would mean there is an inlet in your roof that a Leduc roofing company needs to have a look at the earliest.

The State of Your Shingles

You should certainly make sure that the shingles of your roof are in good shape. With the passage of time, your old shingles have the tendency to warp or cup. Cupped shingles are not as effective, and could allow rain to get through to your house if they are not repaired timely. There are also cases of missing shingles that could happen if the sealant strip that holds the shingles together has been damaged. It would be a good time to approach a Leduc roofing company for the same.

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The Black Stains on Your Roof

The black stains on your roof are an indication that your roof has fallen prey to growing algae. It might not be an urgent requirement to eliminate the algae but its continued growth will spoil the aesthetics and stability of your roof in the long run. It is better to rely on the expert opinion of a Leduc roofing company to make sure if the problem is serious or not.

For better protection and safety for your loved ones against the uncertainties of a scratchy roof, we recommend consulting a reliable Leduc roofing company such as Act Home Services. Their exterior roofing services could you help you ensure if you have not been paying attention to the condition of your roof and repair it timely.



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