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Choosing Flooring For A Bathroom Remodel. What Should You Know?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel is an excellent investment. It will enhance your lifestyle and the usefulness, and value of your house. When remodelling a bathroom, it is essential to select the appropriate flooring. Do you want to discover what the greatest bathroom flooring is? Consider the following materials: ceramic, vinyl, cork, and concrete, to mention a few.

Here are some of the top bathroom flooring selections for your next makeover.


Tile is arguably the first thing that comes to mind for a renovation. It is waterproof, strong, long-lasting, and low-maintenance when properly installed. It is also quite adaptable in terms of design and style. Not only that, but it may also imitate the appearance of other flooring, such as hardwood. While tile is a cold option for bathroom floors, it is beautifully complimented by heated flooring systems. Tile is one of the best bathroom flooring solutions.


Vinyl flooring, particularly luxury vinyl plank and tile, has been increasingly popular lately. Many homes are drawn to it because of its, durability, pricing, and ease of installation. It is also available in a broad range of colours and styles. The appearance of vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring is similar to that of genuine tile or wood flooring, but at a lower cost. Make certain that your vinyl flooring is expertly installed and that it will last a long time.

Although vinyl is incredibly durable, it might acquire lumps, gaps, or curls with time. Vinyl is extremely difficult to repair if it is penetrated by a sharp item. Furthermore, because the material is so low-cost, it will not add as much to the market worth of your home as more expensive materials may. Laminate is sometimes mistaken with vinyl, but the former has a wood-chip basis, making it a poor choice for bathroom flooring. If the wood comes into contact with water, it will absorb it and bubble up, requiring the flooring to be replaced.

Engineered Hardwood

If you already have hardwood flooring throughout your home and wish to extend them into the bathroom, it is fine. Engineered hardwood has a multi-layered core and is somewhat more sturdy than solid hardwood. It is more resistant to moisture and spills, but not as excellent as tile or vinyl. While it may seem nice, it may not be the best option if you like splashing about in the tub! Although it is somewhat more water-resistant in comparison to real hardwood, it can be ruined by standing water on the floor. Solid hardwood is a bad idea for a bathroom. Even with a topcoat of protection, it is highly vulnerable to damp and will ultimately decay.

Finding the proper bathroom flooring does not have to be a bother or a constraint. With the facts shown above, we are certain that you now have many more options than you had previously. Looking for a Bathroom Renovation Contractor in Wetaskiwin or Red Deer? A.C.T. Home Services is here to help.


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