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Four Winter Issues In Your Home That Timely Renovation Can Fix

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

This cold and harsh weather doesn’t only affect you but also your home. Winter along with snow brings in certain damages to different aspects of your property. Hence, it is important to be prepared for the winter and renovate your house accordingly. There are a few winter issues that only home renovation in Edmonton can fix:

1. Poor Ventilation

Possible causes – When the moisture from the inside air comes in contact with your cold glass panes, it condenses.

What you can do – Moisture is usually generated in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Make sure they are ventilated properly. Switch on exhaust fans for about half an hour daily. You can also install a timer switch. If you have single pane or leaky windows, the solution then becomes more expensive. You will need new double pane windows. Consider renovating your entire bathroom and kitchen to ensure good ventilation during winter.

2. Cold Floors

Probable causes – Insufficient insulation, low-quality flooring material and air leaks in the windows, doors, and walls will make certain areas feel cold.

What you can do – Fixing the door and window seals can help reduce levels of air penetration. Sealing air gaps and cracks in the walls need to be done as well. Checking the correct insulation levels will also help. For a more permanent solution, it is recommended to opt for quality flooring options for the winter.

3. Frozen Pipes

Probable causes – Water in the pipes can freeze due to exposure to extreme cold.

What you can do – Once a pipe is frozen, the first thing to do is shut off the water supply, and then thaw it carefully while looking for leaks. Unfortunately, if the whole plumbing is frozen up, you will be chasing leaks inside of walls and replacing toilets and other fixtures. Call your insurance agent, then a plumber and a renovation contractor.  As a precaution for next year, the water supply in the pipes which are exposed to the outside cold air should be shut off, if possible or heat tapped.

4. Poor Air Quality

Probable causes – In winter everyone tends to be confined to their house with very little ventilation. So sometimes due to your furnace malfunctioning, the carbon monoxide levels in the house can become very high. CO is an odorless, colorless, poisonous gas which needs to be removed from your indoor air immediately.

What you can do– As a preventative tool, install a CO detector which will sound an alarm if the levels go above safety parameters. If you detect high levels of CO, then contact one of our local HVAC professionals to check it out. You can also consult a reliable contractor to help you improve airflow inside your home.

Looking to renovate your house this winter? Hire a professional contractor. We at ACT Home Services offer quality home renovation services in Edmonton. Reach out to our experts to give a new and charming look to your house.



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