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How To Choose The Right Security Fence? Find Out...

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Security Fence

One of the most crucial parts of your home's complete protection is a security fence. A security barrier works as both a psychological and physical deterrent. For starters, it warns attackers that breaking into your home may be more bother than it's worth. Second, if they chose to intrude, the fence presents a significant physical barrier. All security fences are not created equal. Some fences that appear to be good barriers actually may not be so.

Why Security Fence

By deterring or delaying invaders, a security fence protects your home and property safe. There is no way to keep all offenders out with a security fence. With enough time, determination, and the right tools, an invader can get around even the toughest fence, thus the purpose of a security perimeter is to hold the burglar out as long as possible. If you live in a high-crime neighbourhood, installing an effective security fence can protect you, your family, and your residence.

Some Quality to look out for in your fence


Intruders are repelled solely by the fence's height. While an 8-foot fence or higher is ideal, most cities have zoning restrictions that constraints fence height to 6 feet. Consult your local permitting authorities to determine the maximum height that your security fence can be.

Visual Clarity

If a burglar climbs a sturdy fence, he or she will be unseen from the street, making it easier to break into the home unnoticed. Between the street and the house, an excellent security barrier provides visibility and clear sightlines.

No Places to Hide

One approach to revealing intruders is to have a transparent, open security barrier. Another option is to remove obstructions that operate as hiding places around the fence, such as shrubs, rocks, etc.

There are no Shortcuts

Intruders can definitely push their way through segments of the fence that have open areas. On all sides, every border security fence must be totally solid. Gates and other specified access points should be closed and placed in prominent locations.

Something That’s Difficult to Bend

Almost every fence type can be hacked or bent given enough time. The longer you can keep an intruder away, the better, so choose a material that is hard and durable.

Considering a Security Fence for Your Home?

  • Calculate the entire perimeter of the security fence as well as the areas that must be contained.

  • Look for natural characteristics around the intended barrier that could aid intruders in climbing it.

  • Check for stability in the ground. Concrete-anchored security fences are required.

  • Check for zoning rules in your area and stick to them. You may be forced to fix or remove your fence if it does not comply with municipal zoning

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