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How to Maximise Storage During Your Kitchen Remodel

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

There comes a time when your kitchen begins to show its age and feel cramped with items you no longer use or have limited space to store.. Whether its the air fryer you love but have no storage space for or the disorganized utensil drawer you can't find anything in. Remodeling may be your only plausible solution! You can maximize kitchen space effortlessly with numerous essential add-ons and space-optimizing ideas. We bring you a few spot-on kitchen design ideas to elevate the look and maximize your storage space.

Put Unnecessary Items in the Backseat

If your kitchen space is cluttered with items you can do without, like old, worn-out cutlery and cooking utensils, appliances that hardly work or you rarely use, or a cupboard full of excess food you rarely consume. Survey your surroundings and eliminate the clutter. Eliminating unnecessary items from the space will help you utilize your kitchen efficiently and bring back some flow to your cooking space.

Utilize Cabinets and Shelves

Cabinets and shelves form an integral part of the kitchen to organize your kitchen elements efficiently. Optimizing their use with allows you to maximize storage space. There are new and cutting edge inserts available at an affordable price to turn your cabinets into an organizers dream! Corner cabinets with slide out shelves, built in wire slide outs for spices and oils and adding extra shelving inside the cabinet will all make your kitchen more space saving.

Install a Pantry for Efficient Storage

A pantry is another complementary addition to your kitchen space, adding a well-organized storage plan for your food items. A pantry is a great space saver and can be incorporated into any space, including apart from the kitchen. For example, if you have an unused storage room or closet near your kitchen, re-design the space to create a functional pantry! This will not only repurpose the unused area, but also maximize kitchen space. Another way to implement a pantry is by bringing in an extra free standing cupboard. You can compensate for the lack of space through this pantry without investing in a huge room.

Make Walls Your Space Companions

Often, walls get overlooked when you are looking at a renovation in your kitchen. It's an easy fix to use the walls to your advantage by designing an open shelf cabinet for storage. You can also install hooks to hang items such as pots and cups for easy accessibility.

Ensure Every Space Counts

While remodeling your kitchen, ensure you design plans that utilize every space for storage. Creativity is the key and research into the latest cutting edge ideas will get you on the right path. You have more space than you think but its not always obvious!

You should connect with the right partner to maximize your kitchen space and create an efficient and aesthetically pleasing space. Discover some of the most brilliant designs with the sought-after services of A.C.T. Home Services. Connect with us and see the joy that a functional, spacious kitchen can bring to your home.


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