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Infrared Heat Will Warm Up Your Life

Infrared Heat

If you step outside into the full sun on a cold winter day, and you feel warm even when the air is chilly—that’s infrared heat!

Imagine that's how your feet will feel when you step onto your bathroom floor or even into your kitchen on a cold winter's night. As a matter of fact, infrared heat will not only warm up the floor but it will also heat up any hard surface around it and warm the air in return.

Most houses have that one room that you are continually turning up the furnace to heat! It could be your tiled bathroom or kitchen floor or it may be caused from a large patio door, inefficient windows or insufficient insulation in the construction. Either way, the continual use of your furnace for that one room is not only hitting your monthly costs hard, it is taking its toll on your central heating unit and that could be an expensive fix.

In the past there have been 3 common ways to supplement the heat in your home:

1) Hydronic heat, which is expensive upfront, places water lines into your floors and requires its own boiler. While this is a great method for heating basement floors, it just doesn't make sense to tear out a concrete floor to start over!

2) Space heaters work too! Although they can be dangerous if left unattended and will definitely increase your heating bill even more than turning up that thermostat, space heaters have a hard time regulating the temperature for your continual comfort.

3) Radiant infloor heat has been on the market for well over a decade and is a proven way to heat tile floors in bathrooms. The average homeowner however, is not prepared to foot the bill for the high cost of installation which is why it is mainly used for small spaces like bathrooms. Radiant cable heating is only up to electrical code if placed under tile. Tile is where the cost goes up, as the prep and installation takes time.

Or…there's an alternative…..

4) Infrared heat!

This product is laid directly on your subfloor on-top of a specifically designed underlay. The cables are inset into the underlay and the cords are run to your wall and up into its dedicated thermostat. From there you can choose hundreds of different styles of luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile or stone core click flooring. The heat film sits directly under your floor and within 2 days it will reach its ideal temperature of somewhere between 20 and 27 degrees celsius depending on your preference or the time of year. Once the floor reaches temperature, it is now simply a matter of maintenance. The draw of power is insignificant, as the heat film has created a heat source in your flooring product and any hard surfaces it is near.

You will once again enjoy that cold room in your house or your freezing bathroom floor without blasting the heat or layering up!

A.C.T Home Services is the only certified company in Alberta who can prepare your floors, install and warranty this cutting edge technology, so give us a call today for your free consultation.



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