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Is It Time to Clear Your Eavestrough?

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Eavestroughing is an integral part of every house design in Leduc. Eavestroughs help drain the rainwater collected on your roof. Ignoring the obvious signs that your eavestrough needs attention can lead to various problems like leakage, stained roof, the growth of plants in eavestrough, and more. Hence, let’s discuss when is it the time you need to clean your eavestroughs in Leduc:

Clogged Leaves and Debris

There is a huge accumulation of leaves, stems, and other debris in your eavestrough, especially during spring. This makes the eavestrough clogged. Due to this clogging, in the season of rain, the water is not able to drain out properly. Hence, water is accumulated in various places. This clogged water and all other debris deteriorate your eavestrough and may create holes in it. These holes are not easy to repair and hence, you will need to replace the eavestrough as soon as possible. Also, not repairing it on time can lead to shingles on your roof.

Leaky Roof

Holes created due to clogging can cause leakage in your eavestroughing. As the water is not drained out properly, it gets accumulated in the basement. Also, this clogged water creates cracks in the walls, making the foundation of your house weak. Leakage can also give a stained appearance to your home’s exteriors.

The other main reason for leakage in eavestroughs in Leduc is the backflow of water. When the eavestrough is clogged, there is no passage for water. Hence, the water flows in a backward direction causing leakages. Also, there are chances that this water spreads to the roof causing fungus and shingles.

Too Many Pests, Rodents, and Bees

Unclean areas act as the biggest attraction for pests, rodents, and bees. Hence, accumulation of water and other debris in the eavestrough causes the growth of various insects and other animals as excess moisture makes breeding easy for these animals. Not cleaning the eavestrough can also lead to insects that will eat on its material creating holes in it. There are chances that these insects might enter your house too.

Winter is Here

Cold temperatures during the inter cause water to freeze. If your eavestrough in Leduc is not cleaned regularly, this water will not drain out and become frozen. Also, winter can result in the formation of ice dams. The frozen water also makes the eavestrough heavy and can make it sag. The weight also puts pressure on the supports of the eavestroughing. This can result in your eavestrough coming out completely. Also, a bit melting of water will have no place to exit from the pipes causing leakages.

If you see any of the above-mentioned things in your eavestrough, it is advised to get it cleaned as soon as possible. Also, if your damaged eavestrough has affected the exteriors of the house, an ACT professionals will help you repair the damage to your house as soon as possible.



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