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Popular Home Exterior Trends That You Must Pay Attention To

Home Exterior Trends

First impressions leave a permanent mark, so it's no surprise that you want your home's outside to be magnificent. Here are some of the most popular themes we're seeing for home exteriors and beyond to give you some ideas and motivation.

Windows That Are Large and Bold

Most older homes had small windows because the glass was expensive at that time. However, nowadays, everyone prefers big windows. There are a few options for bringing more natural light into your home if your windows are smaller than you'd like. A lot of people are opting for dark, narrow frames for their windows. The windows truly stand out from the outside! You're connected to nature from the inside out. Furthermore, the narrower frames make it simple to arrange the windows.

Oases in the Park

Outdoor living spaces are still on many people's wish lists. Consider how you may create a seamless connection from your indoors to your outdoors with huge windows.

Accents in Natural Wood

More people are opting for natural wood siding instead of light-colored siding. Wood accents work nicely with a variety of styles, including farmhouse and contemporary designs. Natural wood can be used for columns, front doors, fences, and garage doors in addition to siding. If you're not convinced on wood, consider stone, fibre cement, or metal as alternatives. Using a variety of materials and textures can add dimension to your property and give it the curb appeal it needs.

Additions to the Front Porch

You can add a front porch to your home with an addition. This addition is being requested by homeowners who want to add utility and beauty to their home's façade. You can have your morning coffee outside or relax with a glass of wine in the night. You can also add stone to the porch gables for more dimension and individuality. These details may turn a drab one-story house into a work of art. Adding a porch will generate a good return due to the increased demand for appealing outside spaces!

Curved Lines Are Replaced by Straight Lines

Replace extravagant starburst windows with contemporary, straight-line windows and highlights if you have them. When utilised on porches, doorways, and windows, straight lines create a clean and modern aesthetic. For a multi-textured exterior, you can even mix and match vertical and horizontal lines.

A.C.T. Home Services can assist you with any external needs and help you transform your existing residence into your ideal home! We'll be pleased to give you a free quote for your upcoming job if you contact us immediately.


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