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Preparing Your Roof for Santa’s Landing

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Santa comes only once a year, so you definitely want your roof to be prepared!  Christmas Eve, he will be stopping by your house, so why not make it the best experience possible for him? Here are some helpful tips to prepare your roof for Santa’s big landing on December 24th:

  1. DO fix any loose tiles or shingles before his arrival.  Santa is not a skinny man, and you don’t want the reindeer slipping as they come in for their landing. 

  2. DO set up a runway with lights to help guide St. Nick. Rudolph’s nose is great while in the sky, but extra lighting on the landing strip couldn’t hurt. 

  3. DO clean your gutters prior to Christmas Eve. You don’t want reindeer munching on dead leaves and debris while they wait for Santa. Gutter leaves can give reindeer irritable stomachs.  This could delay Santa on his journey. 

  4. DO make sure your chimney is clean. You can be your own chimney sweep with these suggestions. The man is leaving gifts for your children, so it shows respect.  Plus, you don’t need sooty boot prints all over your home. 

  5. DO NOT leave excessive decorations on your roof. You want plenty of room for the reindeer and sleigh to land and take off, without damaging your festive decor. 

  6. DO NOT attempt to remove sleet, snow or ice from your roof. This is Santa’s natural environment and the sled is designed to land on wintery terrain. 

  7. DO NOT set up surveillance equipment to try to capture this once a year phenomenon. Not only is it distracting to the reindeer, but the frequencies between the camera and the electronics in the sleigh could cause some serious damage. 

Keeping your roof in tip -top shape might even put you on Santa’s nice list for next year! Need help with your roof? Our dedicated staff of roofing professionals will be happy to help you understand your roof’s potential problems and prevent small problems from turning into costly roof repairs this winter. Contact us online or by calling ____ today!



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