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Roof Inspection and Maintenance Checklist

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

If you take good care of your roof, it can give your home proper shelter for about 20-25 years. But, some unavoidable factors like the impact of severe weather conditions, the age of the roof elements, natural calamities, etc. can damage or shorten the life of your roof. A regular, annual inspection will help you keep a check on all the crucial elements that make up your house. The objectives of performing an annual roof inspection are:

To determine if the roof components are in perfect condition.

To identify signs of weakness, deterioration or potential hazard.

To identify if there is any kind of repair work required.

If you plan to inspect your roof on your own, you must have a well-designed checklist that includes all the necessary points that need to be checked. The checklist will help you ensure that you don’t miss out on or overlook any roof element while inspecting.

Here are some important elements that you must include in your roof inspection and maintenance checklist:

Check the interior of your house for signs of water damage such as mildew growth, drips and leaks, water stains, and peeling paint.

Go up on the roof and look for accumulated leaves, branches, debris, and dirt covering the roof.

Get rid of low-hanging branches of trees that can fall and damage the roof.

Check for cracked, broken, deformed, blistering, or even missing roof shingles or tiles.

Check for moss, lichen, fungus, algae, or mildew growth on the surface of the shingles.

Check if all the shingles are properly and closely connected.

Check and eliminate low spot areas caused due to the structural damage of the roof, as water can accumulate there and lead to various problems

Check for cracked, depleting, or missing caulking around the flashing and roof fixtures like vents and skylights.

Check for the damaged, corroded, or loose flashing under the shingles.

Check if the eavestroughs are clogged due to leaves, debris, or any other material.

Check if there are any leaks in the eavestrough as leaks may signal cracks or holes in the eavestrough.

If you have a chimney or vents on your roof, make sure they are not choked or clogged with debris, leaves, and other materials.

Check for any structural damages in the pipes on your roof. Check if they are cracked, sagging, or bending.

For metal roofs, check for corroded, loose or damaged panels.

For the gravel-top roofs, check if the gravel layer is uniform and leveled.

Check for any punctures, holes, or cracks in the flat surface off roofs.

Check the layers of ice damming during and after winters

It is easier and less expensive to make small roof repairs immediately than making big roof repairs or replacing the entire roof. If you ignore minor roof problems, there are chances of them causing severe damages to the other parts of your home. Give us a call and schedule your inspection today. Our Alberta home services are designed by our home renovation specialists to provide solutions for all your home problems.



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