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The Ultimate Basement Renovation Checklist

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Your basement is probably the most neglected area of your house. It is an underrated space and might just be used as a mere storeroom. But, it offers tremendous options. You can transform a basement into a laundry room, home theater or a spare bedroom.

Having a well-maintained basement increases the overall value of your house and the chance of a sale. There are a few things to keep in mind before renovating your basement. Here’s the ultimate checklist to basement renovation in Edmonton.

1. Hire the right contractor

This is a smart thing to do, given the complexity of the job involved. Ensure that the contractor gets legal permits from the local inspector’s office. If you need to include plumbing and electric systems, then getting permission becomes important, to avoid a fine.

2. Set the Budget

Setting your budget beforehand helps in deciding the extent to which you can renovate. Sometimes, basement renovation requires homeowners to take up home equity loans from banks. Hence, plan your finance well in advanced before hiring a contractor.

3. Pick a Design Style

Decide on how you would want your new basement to look like. There are many factors to consider in the design aspect, such as the paint color, type of tiles used, presence of shelves or cabins and many more. Select an overall design style that you can follow throughout.

4. Assess the Interior Walls and Flooring

There are endless choices of materials to be used for the walls, floors, and ceiling. Ceramic, marble, and granite tiles are some of the best options in terms of aesthetics and durability. Flooring presents additional options such as vinyl tiles which are inexpensive and nice to look at. You can use integrated fluorescent lights on the ceiling to ensure effective lighting. Opt for moisture resistant flooring and waterproof walls, to stay safe in the event of floods or high humidity. Ensure that the exterior walls are made of a good insulating material to keep the excess heat at bay, during summers and vice-versa for winters.

5. Select Accessories

Consider installing a mini-bathroom to avoid frequent visits upstairs. You can set up table fans, if required, or install heaters – depending on the outside weather and general climate. Don’t forget plug-points and sockets for charging your gadgets!

6. Check the Ventilation

If you renovate your basement into a bedroom or home theater room, you want it to be habitable. For that, ventilation is critical. Poor ventilation can cause dampness and suffocation and hence affect your health.

7. Ensure Soundproofing

With advances in technology and development of sound-proof materials, it has become important to keep your room well insulated from the outside sound and disturbing noise. Hence, do consider some kind of sound-proof technology.

Do you plan on renovating your basement? We at ACT services provide our customers with the best tradesmen. We offer quality basement renovation services in Edmonton. If you’re looking for more insights on getting your basement renovated, then do reach out to us.


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