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Top Home Exterior Trends To Embrace This Year

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Home exteriors are as essential as the interiors to create an aesthetic appeal for your property. Areas like the backyard and the deck connect the interior and the exterior elements of the house. As they form an integral part of the house, it is necessary that we take into consideration the trends in exterior remodeling when planning a home renovation. Here are a few home exterior trends to consider for a stylish exterior zone in your house:

Use of Textured Surfaces

Plain old, dull walls and backgrounds are out of fashion now. Say hi to the new textured surfaces that are making their way into the renovation industry. These textures can be implemented in either contrasting or self-patterned techniques. The contrasting style includes a varying degree of polish or gloss in the finish to add a variety to the overall effect on the piece of furniture. This style is employed on the roofs or the sidings of a house. Self-patterned textures use bricks to create patterns that impart a visual appeal to the entire structure. The recent trends include an industrial brick pattern, like a red brick wall or a weathered brick print on the outer walls of the house or a mixed texture of brick and stone. Such a texture ups the style element, creating an aesthetic display. Home renovation contractors also texturize colors along with the materials to offer a sense of style.

Use of Neutral Tones

Exterior areas of a house include the backyard, the garden area and the front porch. These areas may consists of a children’s play area, a pool, an outdoor dining area, a fire pit, and a deck. All these elements employ a splash of color to keep up with the activity levels here. This style of applying contrasting colors uses neutral toned peripherals to keep a balance in the warm and the cool color codes of such areas. Whites, grays, and beiges not only complement the bright color combination present in these areas but also enhances the sophistication factor with their subtle finesse. This neutral palette is usually administered on the same material or element with slightly different shades for each factor.

Use of Natural Finishes

Home renovation contractors practice this trend with the use of textures as mentioned above. Rather than offering highly polished or finished surfaces on elements like furniture, doors, window frames or garden paths, people opt for natural finishes by employing the rustic textures of wood, plywood, timber, and rock. Such natural finishes fit in well with the surroundings they are installed in, and blend with the natural and the artificial factors in the backyard.

Use of Upgraded Elements

Along with the major aspects mentioned above, a lot of attention is being paid to the peripherals like doors, entrances, fences, sheds, and the furniture installed in the exterior regions. The impact of such factors adds to the overall décor of the house.

few other trends to look out for in this year include the color palette of metallic accents or contrasting colors, enhanced window and entrance frames and themed architecture. If you are looking for any exterior remodeling, you can consult us here.


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