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What Does Island Life Look Like to You?

Island Life

When you think of being in your dream kitchen, it's very likely you imagine a beautiful, open space where family and friends gather and memories get made. There is no better way to incorporate this dream into your kitchen than by designing and building a kitchen island!

An island is where the homework victories happen, and tears get wiped, where your friends and family gather to share their highs and lows and where little hands get to learn how those cookies taste so great!

It is a big decision and one that involves a fair bit of pre planning and expert advice.

Where Do You Start?

The first consideration has to be whether or not you will have to work around or tear out a wall and whether or not that is a supporting structure. Will there be ceiling to repair or flooring that needs to be replaced? How about lighting placement?

The next phase involves deciding what features are most important to your needs. Do you want to move your sink, dishwasher or range into the island? What does that involve in terms of plumbing, gas fitting or space saving?

Then there is the design element around tying in your new addition to the existing cabinetry and countertops. Is it possible to match the old with the new or do your cabinets need to be upgraded as well as your countertops?

Every step is as important as the next and we have the design and construction expertise to guide you through the process with ease and excitement!

Island life awaits and however you envision it, we will make it happen, so give A.C.T. Home Services a call today for a free consultation.


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