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Which Decking Material Requires Minimal Maintenance?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Have you started seeing cracks and dents in your home deck? Are you looking forward to constructing a new deck? Confused as to which one would be the best decking material for you? It depends on which part of the country you stay in and what are your long-term goals.

Decks used to be mostly made of wood but these days there are other materials which are being used by homeowners. In recent years, the popularity of composite materials has soared. More and more people are opting for a maintenance-free deck. The four basic deck materials used are

Wood Decks

This was one of the most commonly used decking materials because of its high aesthetic appeal. Wooden decks have a high aesthetic appeal and give you a resort-like feeling for your home. There are different types of wooden decks used in the market.Pressure treated wood, brown pressure treated wood, and western red cedar. These decks tend to stain, change color, and crack over time. They have high maintenance costs.

Composite Decks

These are relatively newer options in the market. Composite decks are of many types – Trex, timbertech, and Veranda. These are mainly made of wood and recycled plastic. A lot of people prefer composite decks as opposed to wood because it is maintenance-free. Composite decks are stain, mold, and scratch resistant. And, their overall cost of ownership is lower than wooden decks.

Plastic Decking

These decks are lightweight and resistant to stains. Most of them have been designed in a way to look like wood. The two main types of plastic decks are PVC and polyethylene. Plastic decks are 100% recyclable and are completely maintenance-free. But plastic decks have a tendency to expand and contract with changing temperatures, this can make the deck unstable.

Aluminum Decking

These decks are very rarely found but can prove to be a decent option. Aluminum decks are rigid and are slip-, rot-, rust-, cracks-, and fire-resistant. They are long lasting as they have high endurance. And just like plastic, aluminum decks are also recyclable. The best part about aluminum is that it stays cooler in the sun when compared to other decking materials. The only drawback is that aluminum decks are more expensive compared to other decking materials.

Now that you have a list of decking materials, it shouldn’t take you much time to make up your mind.

Along with the appropriate decking material you would also have to hire a decking professional to do the job. ACT Home services Alberta have specialized tradesmen who can help you select the appropriate decking material for your house and also install it from start to end.


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