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Why work at A.C.T.?

  • Long term career

  • Fun work with great people

  • Get training in multiple trades

  • Work on ever changing fun projects

  • Not stuck doing the same thing day after day

  • Get to work outside and inside

  • The reward of seeing your finished project

  • We hire painters, drywallers, roofers, siding installers, flooring installers, tile setters, finishing carpenters, framers

Ready to work together?

  • Are you underappreciated and underpaid where you work?

  • Is it interesting or repetitive?

  • Is there constant training and room for advancement?

  • Is your boss a jerk?

We don't have enough room to hire everyone who applies to A.C.T. so we only hire people who really want to be here. People who are happy to work with their hands and take their careers seriously.