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Cornerstones Project

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ACT Home Services is proud to be associated with the second phase of the Cornerstones Project.

The City of Edmonton Cornerstones II is a five-year plan dedicated to building affordable housing in Edmonton. Under this project, the Secondary Suites program will be given grant funding. This allows the program to be actively involved in creating safe and affordable housing options for lower income groups in the city. Combined with quality renovation service providers such as ACT, the Cornerstones Project aims to transform the basic structure of single-detached houses into healthy, safe and habitable spaces for potential home buyers.


The Cornerstones II Program

The initial Cornerstones Program was a housing initiative that commenced in 2005 with a vision to build sustainable and affordable homes for the low income groups in Edmonton. The first part of the initiative extended for a period of 5 years and created residential solutions for over 3,300 lower income households along with the construction of 553 Secondary Suits.

With a renewed funding of $3 million, Cornerstones II is now involved in upgrading existing suites and creating new ones. Secondary suites provide a great alternative to minimize the housing problems in Edmonton. These rental accommodations are easy to build and can be enabled to provide a comfortable and secure home to families.

A Secondary Suite can be completed in a shorter span of time and it enables homeowners to customize single-detached homes into fully functional units. Each of these suites is carefully inspected post completion to ensure their compliance with the fire safety codes and the construction standards for their respective zones.

Role of ACT Home Services

 As the Cornerstones II plan advances, ACT Home Services will be ensuring all the renovations done under this plan are in compliance with the provincial housing codes and safety standards. Our work with Cornerstones II enables us to renovate houses to make them comfortable for the new families. Be it kitchens, bathrooms, basements, living rooms or bedrooms, we want to make sure each room is functional and safe, meeting all codes and standards.

One of our key strengths is to provide quality services at reasonable prices and this perfectly aligns with the goals of the Cornerstones initiative.

ACT Home Services also specializes in renovating home exteriors. All the siding, roofing and fencing requirements can also be a part of the project scope.

The Cornerstones Project has come a long way in providing secure and comfortable housing solutions to the lower income groups of Edmonton. The innovative approach of the program has not only enabled the city to save significantly on administration costs and infrastructure expenditure but also paved way for the development of more than 1714 sustainable modules. The pioneering outlook of the project towards providing housing solutions has also earned it several accolades including an award of merit from the Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI).

Developing these Secondary Suits not only enables dwellers to have access to sustainable homes but also enhances their quality of life. Contributions to the Cornerstones Project can help improve urbanization in the city of Edmonton significantly. Their collective efforts have shown phenomenal results in the past and we wish to be able to do the same in the future.

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