Troughs must be installed on solid wood with hangers every 16 inches

Our 5 inch profile trough looks like this

We can add Alu-Rex leaf guard to keep the debris out and dramatically strengthen the trough

We can add heating cables to the roof and the trough if ice build up is a problem for your house

These are our most common colors but there are dozens more available


Many roof leaks and re-occurring water damages are often caused by clogged eavestroughs and downpipes. A clogged eavestrough can also cause water leakage into the house as the water gets accumulated where the pipes are choked up, which can, in turn, become a brooding area for mosquitoes.

A.C.T. Homes Services is a company providing home improvement services that are dedicated to delivering fast and affordable gutter installations in Central Alberta. Our professionals are trained to ensure the installation of new eavestroughs is done with precision. Our experience and expertise have helped us develop the best techniques to thoroughly plan the installation process and making sure the water flows off the roof to the gutters and pours out away from the foundation of your house. We can design the eavestrough in a such a way that during heavy rainfalls, the water catchment is maximized. Poorly installed eavestrough also results in several structural damages to your house. A loose eavestrough connection can result in leaks along the house wall. These leaks will eventually destroy the roof, walls, and foundation of your house. Here, at A.C.T., our licensed roof installers know how to best install new eavestroughs in order to keep your home and property safe from water damages.

A lot of aspects have to be considered before and while installing an eavestrough. That’s why our professionals first examine the structural characteristics of your overall house and roof in particular to create the most appropriate eavestrough design. Some aspects include the correct slope of the roof, size, and material of the eavestrough, the position of the downpipe, etc. Our eavestroughing experts make sure that they consider and follow all these aspects and complete the project in the best and least time-consuming manner. We use the popular and most efficient, high-quality eavestroughing material that survives for a long time. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and the quality of materials.

Over the years, we have resolved many roof and eavestrough problems either caused due to the harsh weather conditions or lack of maintenance. From unclogging the eavestrough to repairing issues like cracks, holes, minor damages etc., we have done it all. As a result, our experts can quickly and accurately identify and fix eavestrough problems. We can fix all the eavestrough-related flaws to keep the entire system efficient so that it can carry rainwater and melted water away from your house.

Along with installing and repairing eavestrough, we also install eavestrough guards. This guard system catches falling leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris while still allowing water to flow from the eavestrough. Installing the eavestrough guard system further reduces the chances of clogs and blockages, in the eavestrough and downpipes.

Central Alberta generally receives high snowfall and moderate rain. Installing an eavestrough and maintaining it becomes crucial for homeowners in this region. We provide our services to homes across Alberta in Wetaskiwin, Gwynne, Millet, Coal Lake area, Bittern Lake area, Pigeon Lake area, Camrose, Leduc, Calmar, and Ponoka. We always strive to deliver our best services to make our customers happy and satisfied.

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