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  • How much does it cost to get a quote?
    Quotes are free! However, extensive design work is not. A well designed project will: 1. Ensure you get what you want. 2. Ensure the trades know what they are supposed to provide. 3. Speed up the process. 4. Bring down the cost because the unknowns are eliminated. It takes time to create a complete design and it does cost money but it will save you money in the end.
  • Will I need a permit?
    Many projects require permits and the customer is responsible to check with their local office to see if they will need one. We will work with the customer and the inspectors to ensure a smooth completion
  • Will A.C.T. provide plumbers or electricians?
    Small items like installing fixtures don’t require calling in an electrician or plumber. When they are needed A.C.T. will call in our preferred plumbers or electricians unless you have one that you prefer to use. In most cases the plumber or electrician will bill the customer directly.
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