Basement Renovations

What can you expect from A.C.T Home Services?

  • We understand your needs and requirements before starting the project .
  • We work closely with your expectations of colors, theme, style, and decor.
  • We evaluate your basement to identify structural issues, water damage, and assess if it meets the plumbing and electrical code.
  • We custom design the best possible basement design.
  • We provide an affordable, free cost estimate of the renovation or development project.
  • We look after all the necessary permits required to build or renovate basement.
  • We use the best quality materials to ensure your basement is perfectly finished with right materials and products.
  • We carry out an after-project inspection and ensure everything is finished perfectly.

Renovating your basement into a warm, cozy space with proper ventilation provide a safe, healthy option for a new bathroom, bedroom, games room, enclosed bar area, fireplace, or a home theater area. If your basement is already finished, or partially complete, but you wish to remodel, renovate, or transform to make it better, we can help there too!

Whatever the dream for your basement, we can build it. So, reach out to A.C.T Home Services or call us at 587-316-3866.

Free Consultation
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