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Your home reflects your personality. It's the place you go to unwind after a long day, and you want both the interior and exterior to look and function in the best way possible. It's for this reason most homeowners undertake renovation projects.
When you are renovating, it helps to have the best team working with you. ACT Home Services has helped many homeowners in Wetaskiwin remodel their houses into what they envision. We provide customized solutions to meet every client's needs within their budget.
Our skilled team has taken on countless projects and are the best at what we do. Our services include interior and exterior home renovations.

Interior Renovations

Big or small, we can turn your interior into a little haven. We work with your budget to offer modern and quality remodelling to interior spaces. We provide interior renovation Wetaskiwin in kitchens, bathrooms and basements.

Kitchen renovations

Your kitchen is where most of the magic happens in ensuring the family is well-fed. It also happens to be one of the most used spaces in the house. There are many reasons to upgrade this space.
Upgrading it would make you feel proud of your home, give it a more appealing look and give you and your family a reason to stay a little longer there. Moreover, it increases the space's functionality, creates an organized space, and increases your home's value. Upgrading can include adding modern appliances, kitchen cabinets or countertops.

Bathroom renovations

Everyone desires a beautiful and functional bathroom in their home. You can transform this space with a renovation project. Renovations could include installing new faucets, mirrors and fixtures, upgrading the bathtub and floor, installing an on-demand water heater, repainting drywall or even tiling the entire bathroom. A bathroom renovation can save you money on utility costs, makes space a peaceful oasis, increases storage capacity, increases your home's value, and even enables you to become more eco-friendly.

Basement renovations

Basements are no longer considered inhabitable cold spaces used to store clutter. You can do so much when adequately utilized. It can be transformed into a warm and loving family room, a bathroom, an enclosed bar area, an office, a hobby room or even an indoor gaming room.
You can never go wrong with a basement renovation. The benefits speak for themselves. Renovating your basement increases your home's living space, adding value to your home, bringing a sense of order and even provides income if you rent it out.

Exterior Renovations

Exterior renovations are trendy because of the many benefits they bring. We provide exterior renovations Wetaskiwin in areas including roofing, siding and eavestroughs.

Roofing renovations

A roof is a crucial part of a building. Roofs protect from harsh weather and add beauty to a building. However, lagging on maintenance can damage your roof.

Common signs that indicate that your roof needs replacement or repair include:
  • Curled or cracked shingles
  • Leaks and water damages
  • Missing shingles
  • Exterior stains
  • Altered roof shape, etc.

Replaceing your roof prevents leakage, gives your home a new look and increases your home's market value home.

Siding renovations

Old siding can conceal numerous issues, and if left alone, can be costly to repair. This is why it could be time for siding renovation. A new siding improves your home's appearance, increases your home's value, brings an improvement in energy efficiency, offers better protection to your home and keeps mould and other issues away.

Most popular siding options include:

  • Vinyl siding
  • Wood siding
  • Metal siding
  • Stucco and EIFS siding
  • Fibre cement siding
  • Masonry rock and stone


An eavestrough is located at the base of your roof. It collects water and drains it away from the house to prevent the basement from flooding and prevent roof rotting. Leaf guard prevents leaves and debris from clogging the eavestrough. This is why it's crucial to have a functional eavestrough.
ACT Home Services strives to provide our customers with the best tradesmen.
With over 60 years of experience, we have provided home renovation services in Wetaskiwin to many satisfied clients. Get in touch with us today for a free quote!
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