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Affordable Backyard Deck Ideas That You’ll Definitely Love!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

It’s a heartwarming feeling whenever you spend some precious time with your loved ones. But it would be more exciting if you will do it in a beautiful space in the comfort of your home. Having a barbecue party in the backyard, a music session beside the garden, or just enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning can be more memorable on a cozy backyard deck.

Some people think they need to spend a lot of money to achieve a backyard deck with eye-catching appeal and a relaxing vibe, but this couldn’t be more wrong. There are a multitude of ways to overhaul your backyard deck without coughing up tons of cash.

If you’re having a hard time planning for your backyard deck, here are some ideas to inspire you.

Covered Decks

Feel free to relax while staring at a scenic landscape from your covered deck. This is ideal if you want to keep out harmful elements. You will have the chance of having a secured and comfortable outdoor space with large windows to glance over spectacular scenery.

Wooden Decks

If you’re a fan of a rustic and natural structural design, then you can opt to have a wooden deck at home. You can have a small yet relaxing spot perfect when you invite your friends or colleagues for an intimate gathering.

Tiered-Wood Backyard Deck

Wooden decks are naturally beautiful, but you can still bring them to a higher level. A multi-level deck can add some pizzazz to an otherwise drab entry. It also offers curb appeal and allows for an entertaining space in your backyard. If you still have under-utilized space in your backyard, you can plan for an intricately designed deck with built-in lights and other elements to make it look modern and enticing.

Bench Seating

How about combining elegance and comfort with your deck design? It’s achievable with bench seating for your backyard deck. You can have custom seating, then add pretty and quality cushions to create a positive ambience in the area.

Cedar Deck

Here’s another amazing idea for your backyard deck. A cedar deck can feature a fabulous look for a grilling area. It’s absolutely a smart idea because it combines functionality, modern design, and a contemporary look as well. If you’re worried that rain may spoil the fun while you’re enjoying the pool or cooking some kebabs on the grill, you can have a large umbrella to use as protection.

Deck With Hanging Planters

If you like to feel closer to nature and enjoy fresher air in your deck, you can add hanging plants to achieve that. Lush and ornamental plants will not only add beauty to your deck but are also easy to maintain.

Refinished Deck

If you’re deeply in love with the current structural look of your deck, you can just add some touches, such as different sealants and stains, to make it more durable and get a fresher look. You can make it more vibrant using a mix and match of colours. Don’t forget to use some backyard furniture you have; they can add visual appeal, too!


If you want to design, build, or renovate your backyard deck, keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be always expensive. There are various affordable designs that can showcase beauty, comfort, and functionality. All you need to have is a dose of creativity and the passion for creating a better-looking backyard deck. However, nothing beats working with professionals who can transform your deck into a masterpiece!

Need backyard deck ideas on a budget? A.C.T Home Services can help you come up with a design and translate those ideas into reality! We offer quality services when it comes to both interior and exterior home renovations projects in Red Deer, Pigeon Lake, and Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Contact us today for more details.


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