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If you need a home deck in Central Alberta, you are at the right place. A.C.T. Home Services caters to those who want their home’s exterior living space to look as beautiful and pretty as their interior space.

We can bring your ideas to life from the planning to the completion stage. We have the right experience and expertise to build the perfect home decks. Our team of deck specialists and installers work closely with you to build a deck you always desired to have. We combine your requirements and expectations with our ideas and expertise to design the most comforting home deck. Using our years of experience, we also suggest options that can match your home landscape.

We build custom home decks using the latest and most popular decking materials and nails. Not only this, our deck builders use the best methods to create your dream deck. Our team has a combined experience of 20 years. This experience and knowledge help us to build your custom deck in the best way. We are well-acquainted with the ‘know-hows’ of deck building. Taking all the necessary precautions, our team of professionals uses the best techniques and materials to build the best home deck for you. We pay careful attention to every detail while building or renovating your deck.

Whether you want to build a home deck in your property or you already have a deck and want to remodel it, we are always happy to help. We can replace the flooring, railing, fencing, roofing, staircase, and other elements of your home deck. We can also give you tips to effectively clean and maintain your deck so that it can survive for many years.

We provide a detailed and transparent free quote before the hammer hits the nail. We proceed to the actual task only when we receive a “green signal” from you. We also ensure that no unexpected expenses come up during or after the project is completed. We proudly abide by our commitments and promises. You can be rest assured to receive the best services from us!

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