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4 Kitchen Renovation Styles That Will Still Be In Trend In 2018

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Are you bored with the regular style of your kitchen? Looking for a classic theme which is functional as well as luxurious? Here are some trending styles which are not only impressive but can be adapted to your kitchen effortlessly. These styles are classic additions to your kitchen decor that will definitely be in trend for a long time.

Your kitchen is said to be the heart of your house. Since it’s the place where you prepare and enjoy a good meal, it is advisable to not cut costs while renovating this room. A modern trendy look for the kitchen directly corresponds to good food as it feels very comfortable and royal to work in. If you are looking to change your usual kitchen style and renovate it, then begin by finding a renovation contractor.

Post that, opt for a thorough assessment. It’s important to check some relevant details before you begin remodeling your kitchen. Consult a reliable home contractor that specializes in Wetaskiwin kitchen renovations to assess the space and gauge the scope of the remodelings. Depending on the availability of space and the budget of your project, the following styles can be implemented in your kitchen:

1) Kitchen Joinery

Joinery makes a vital part of the renovation as it contains more of the woodworking which must be done for the floors, cabinets windows and so on. This feature not only extra character to your kitchen decor but also enhances the value of your property. However, a joinery must be carefully planned and done according to one’s budget constraint.

Kitchen Renovation Contractor

2) Bright Color Palettes

The kitchen must look trendy and bright, right? Augment your kitchen with shiny bright colors that best suits your kitchen. Navy blue and orange color palettes are the popular choices. A two-toned colored kitchen is also being seen more and more to add a touch of contrast to your kitchen.

3) Open Shelving

Everyone wants their kitchen items to be organized well and for that proper shelving is simply a must. But, when it comes to shelves and cabinets, it’s just not about the look, but functionality too. You should consider having your frequently used foods like herbs and salt in glass jars that placed on well-made wooden shelves. White, semi-open, semi-closed cabinets can be a great option for open styled kitchens.

Wetaskiwin Kitchen Renovations

4) Abundant Lighting

The correct application of lighting can completely alter your kitchen renovation style. Effective lighting draws attention to a focal point in your kitchen, like the kitchen countertops or the shiny marble floors. If you want to opt for a classic as well as luxurious style, go for bronze canopy fixtures. But, if you have a more bold or colorful aura in mind, then white, oversized fixtures can be a really fun choice.

Wetaskiwin Kitchen Remodelling

Want more details on how your Wetaskiwin kitchen renovations can keep up with 2018? We have some great articles to share on the ACT Blog.

People feel happy when they get good food, and the cooks become happy when they have an exciting and stylish kitchen to work in. So why not welcome this happy vibe by having a beautiful kitchen for your home as well? Consult our experts at ACT Home Services to know more about kitchen renovations in Wetaskiwin.


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