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4 Signs Your Basement Needs Renovation

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The basement is usually the most ignored area in the house. Most homeowners don’t maintain their basements till there are some pertinent problems or until they plan to sell their house. A well-maintained basement is the sign of a well-maintained house. With proper designing and remodeling, you can turn your basement into a potential guest room, study room for kids or a systematic storage space. But if you belong to the category of people who rarely venture into the basement then you might want to watch out for these warning signs that indicate that your basement needs repairs:

Water Leakage

Leaking basements are a common issue in most Canadian homes. Houses which are well beyond 100 years old tend to have this problem. If time and again your basement gets flooded then you know it’s time to call for a good home renovation contractor. A lot of home services in Alberta undertake waterproofing of basements along with basement renovation.

Foul Smell

Basements tend to be shut for long periods of time. This leads to mold growth and mildew build up. To add to that if the basement is leaking then there are chances of water getting accumulated and leading to structural damage of the house which can be disastrous. Plus, pests thrive in such environments causing bad odor. This can lead to a host of serious diseases to all the people living that house.

Cracks in the Concrete

Cracks can occur due to many reasons such as concrete shrinkage after the curing process, settling of the building, earthquakes, poor construction, and vibrations caused by heavy vehicles traveling near the house. Once identified, you should immediately call home renovation professionals to seal the cracks before they lead to further issues.

Presence of Lead

In older houses, the paint has lead content in it. Get your basement tested for the presence of lead and other harmful materials. If the test is positive then you should immediately go for a full fledged basement renovation. Elements like lead and asbestos can cause major health problems to everyone living in the house.

If you notice any of the above signs then don’t delay the process of renovation. Search for professional home renovation services in Alberta and get your basement renovated at the earliest. It can add to the overall value of your house. Staging your newly renovated basement to a prospective buyer increases the chance of a sale.


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