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4 Signs Your Home Deck Needs Attention

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Your home deck is your little comfort spot during spring and summer. It is the closest you get to enjoy holidays with your family right outside your home. So call it tradition or need, a good home deck is a must for most homeowners these days. Home decks are available in different materials, styles, and prices. And most of them have a lifespan of 10-15 years on an average. This goes without saying that if decks are well-maintained they might exceed their guaranteed lifespan. Most of us get our home deck installation done and then forget about it. So how and when do you know that your home deck needs attention?


If your deck is worn out, faded or dull, then it surely needs attention. When you newly install your home deck, it is stained and colored but over a period of time, the constant exposure to the sun can strip off the color of your deck. It then becomes an unpleasant grayish tone. Usually, such decks are susceptible to cracks or splits. In the case of a wooden deck, damaged wood can lead to twisting, bending or bowing.

Corroded Fasteners

Metal fasteners are used in home deck installation. They are prone to corrosion over a period of time. The metal reacts with various environmental components which eventually corrodes it. Regular maintenance of these metal fasteners can prevent it from getting corroded. All you need to do is give the metal fasteners a fresh water power wash from time to time.

Presence of spots

If you have noticed black and green spots on your deck, then it needs immediate attention. They are signs of algae and mold growth. Those spots are not only unpleasant in appearance but also unhealthy for your family. With those spots on your deck, there is a high possibility that you are breathing the spores of algae and mold every time you have a barbecue party.

Stairs and railings

The stairs and railings of your deck are very important, especially if the deck is high above the ground. An unstable staircase and railing will not be able to hold your deck for long and can also lead to major accidents. So, if your stairs and railings need work, then you should immediately hire a home renovator and get it fixed.

If you have noticed any of the above signs on your decks, then hire a good Alberta Home Renovator and get your deck rebuilt. ACT Home services undertake home deck installation, maintenance and all kinds of renovation work.



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