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4 Warning Signs You Need A New Roof

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Most people overlook and avoid the obvious signs that signal the need of roof replacement as the process is time-consuming and expensive. People often get alerted when they see that their roof is entirely sagging or when they can clearly see sunlight from their ceiling or attic. But, there are some other signs too that signal that you need a roof replacement. Here are four noticeable signs of roof deterioration that you must never ignore.

1. Problems with the Shingles

If you notice that some shingles on your roof are cracked, broken, or they are curling and buckling, understand that you need a new roof installation. You can either replace the defective shingles or the entire roof. The problems related to shingles occur generally when they cross their life expectancy or when they are exposed to severe weather conditions. Towards the end of their life expectancy, shingles become brittle and start losing their granules. You will be able to find these granules accumulated in the adjoining eavestrough (roof gutter). Dark spots on some shingles is another sign that the granules have worn away.

2. Missing Shingles

With time and with continuously being exposed to the weather, some shingles might get displaced from their position. This can also happen because of bird and animal movement on your roof. Displaced or missing shingles can expose the roof membrane to the external factors and result in cracks, leaks, holes, and other structural damage in the ceiling. On a regular basis, keeping checking that all your shingles are in place and tightly secured

3. Faulty Flashing Near the Roof Fixtures

If you have a chimney, skylight, vents, or other fixtures on your roof, you should be very carefully and alert. Regularly, check the flashing and caulking near the joints of these fixtures. Improper, faulty, depleting, or missing flashing and caulking around the fixtures can result in heavy leaks and loose fixture connection. If you notice that these essentials are missing or wearing off, get your roof renovated at the earliest.

4. Aging Roof and Roofing Components

Your roof is not just made of the roof membrane that you can see from the inside of your house (ceiling). It also has flashing, shingles or sheets, and other protective layers. Find out when was your house built and when was the last time you renovated or replaced your roof. Find the age of each roofing component separately. Over the years, the quality of each roofing component will deteriorate. Hence, it is important to keep a check on the roofing materials and replace them whenever needed.

Don’t wait till you notice wet spots on your ceiling or when water starts pouring through your ceiling. Contact our roof installers for a new roof installation. Also, if you are facing some issues related to eavestrough, siding, or even fence, you can get in touch with us. We provide all kinds of interior and exterior Alberta house services.



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