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5 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Remodeling your house is always a good idea. And, the most flexible room in your home that you can be easily renovated is your kitchen. Designing it the way you want not only makes it look more appealing but also makes cooking an enjoyable experience. Additionally, there are so many different themes, styles and designs that you can discuss with your kitchen renovation contractor. However, there are some small mistakes that can spoil the complete appeal of your kitchen. Here are few errors that you should definitely keep in mind while opting for renovation:

Lack of Enough Storage

You cook at least three times or sometimes, even more, meals a day in the kitchen. This whole process of cooking requires a number of spices, utensils, and appliances. However, what most people do not consider while renovating their kitchen is the importance of storage spaces. People often underestimate it and design cabinets and shelves which cannot accommodate all the items in the kitchen. Avoid this mistake by making use of the entire space that you have so that no utensil needs to be left in the open.

Lack of Ventilation

We all keep different kinds of food items such as dairy products, poultry, and spices in our kitchen. With so many different types of items kept in a single space, the kitchen is filled with various types of smells all the time. If the kitchen does not have proper ventilation, these smells will keep accumulating and pollute the aura of the space. Also, without proper vents in place, there would be no outlet for steam and smoke surfacing during cooking to escape. To avoid this, you could simply incorporate large windows or install ventilation mechanism such as an electrical chimney during your kitchen renovation project and enjoy a light and airy kitchen all year round.

Lack of Light

While remodeling any room, lighting matters. Lighting is especially important in a kitchen as this room is habitually used every night. Additionally, what is the point of having a fancy counter and shiny cabinets when there is no light to highlight them? Hence, while opting for a kitchen renovation, make sure the lighting is abundant and strategically placed. Having large windows is also helpful in providing illumination to the room.

Underestimating Counter Space

This is a major issue which one realizes only after the renovation is completed. While remodeling your kitchen, make sure you double check the size of the counter. You may feel that a small kitchen island or a thinner counter will make your kitchen look spacious, but, it leads to a lack of space while cooking or chopping the vegetables.

Using Wrong Materials

While choosing the materials for your kitchen renovation, be careful. Cheap options look feasible at the time of remodeling. However, in the long run, they cost you more as they degrade faster. Also, do not make the mistake of choosing a material just because you like it. Check if it is durable and not easily affected by water and acidic substances commonly used in the kitchen.

Renovating and remodeling homes is not only an art but also a process which requires the eye of an expert. While you may want to add your own persona to the room, having a kitchen renovation contractor’s opinion helps avoid mistakes which could spoil the complete look of your house. So if you are planning to remodel your kitchen or any other part of the house, reach out to our experts at ACT Home Services today.


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