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9 Steps To Get A Farmhouse Style Kitchen

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

It is good to have a theme in mind while remodeling your home. This is because having a theme makes it easier for you to decide on the decor of your space. For example, selecting a farmhouse style for your kitchen is a good way to create a cooking area which is airy as well as functional.

It is also important to make sure you do not add too many elements of this theme as it could use up all the space and make your house look cluttered. Hiring an experienced kitchen renovation contractor can help you implement a theme for your scullery correctly.

To get you started, here are a few farmhouse kitchen elements to choose from:

1) White Cabinets

White cabinets are key elements of a farmhouse style kitchen. They make your space lighter and complement the wooden elements of your furnishings.

2) Large Farmhouse Sink

As the name suggests, a farmhouse style kitchen would be incomplete without a farmhouse sink. It is also known as the apron-front sink due to its built. It is large as well as aesthetically pleasing. One can wash huge utensils in it, making the sink functionally useful.

3) Classic Hardwood Flooring

To make sure all the other elements of your farmhouse kitchen pop up, classic hardwood flooring is a must. This flooring complements the white cabinets and gives a rustic, warm feeling to the kitchen.

4) Potted Plants

Wetaskiwin Kitchen Renovations

Potted plants can be easily incorporated into your decor without much expenditure. You could put up bright colored flower plants or opt for herbs such as thyme and oregano to give your kitchen decor a lush feel.

5) Apron Racks

If you have some extra space on your kitchen walls, an apron rack is a good idea. Instead of keeping the space empty, put an apron rack on the wall to hang some nice checkered aprons which complete the farmhouse kitchen look.

6) Brick Accents

Edmonton Home Renovation Contractors

Applying brick accents to your farmhouse kitchen is a tricky thing to do. While traditional farmhouse kitchens have the open bricked wall, the same cannot be replicated without significant structural changes. Instead, you could opt for a tiled or bricked wallpaper to get the look. The pasting needs to be done smartly to ensure the decor does not lose its rustic charm.

7) Open Shelves

While you set up the white cabinets, make sure you leave 1 or 2 shelves open and empty as it will add to the essence of the farmhouse shelf pattern. You could keep white colored crockery or wooden utensils in these shelves to complete the look.

8) Wood Countertops

Home Renovation Edmonton

Opt for wooden countertops for a complete farmhouse style kitchen. It is crucial to choose a right kind of wood to ensure the durability. Consulting a skilled home renovator can help you pick the one perfect for your kitchen.

9) Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island is a good idea for homeowners that have ample excess space in their kitchen. A kitchen island with a wooden countertop is highly recommended to complete the farmhouse look.

Farmhouse style kitchens give a nice rustic look to the interior design of your house. It is essential to incorporate the right elements to make it a success. To make sure your farmhouse kitchen is done right, hire a seasoned kitchen renovation contractor from a trusted home renovation company today.


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