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Home Remodel Ideas 3 Creative Room Themes for Your Basement

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Remodelling your home is a fun way to give your home some much-needed updates. Kitchen and bathroom remodels are one of the most common renovation projects that homeowners look forward to. However, not everyone is entirely enthusiastic about touching their basement spaces. It’s not uncommon for home remodels to avoid these areas and focus on other places.

The negative appeal of basements as dark and uncomfortable areas in your home is an old and dated idea. For modern homes, basement spaces are more than just your placeholder for boilers and laundry. Nowadays, people use basements for various reasons, from hobby rooms to decked-out home theatre areas.

Renovating Your Basement Spaces

Basements are tricky places to handle since it has many components like plumbing and ventilation fixtures that are challenging to work around with. Homeowners generally use their basement spaces for storage, mainly since it’s out of the way for guests and visitors to see. Additionally, basements usually have low ceilings and limited ventilation, making it less likely to receive renovation treatments. However, these conditions can be perfect for specific room types. Looking at your basement from another perspective can give you a range of options to add to your renovation list.

In this article, we’ll give you three creative room ideas for your basement spaces.

1) Media-Viewing Room

A basement’s naturally dark setting with limited or no windows makes it the perfect place to view videos. Match it together with low ceilings, and you have yourself an excellent setup for a projector or your widescreen TV. The benefit of having a media-viewing room for your basement is that you won’t have to worry about having bulky furniture. Basement viewing rooms don’t have to deal with foot traffic to your kitchen or front door. This means you can even put folding beds or install carpet flooring to stay comfortable while watching your favourite films and shows.

2) Hobby Room

An advantage of owning your own home is the ability to have enough space to enjoy your hobbies. Whether you’re a fan of collecting model kits or a musician on the side, your basement is the best place for all your tools and equipment. Setting up soundproofing along the walls and bringing in some recording equipment can give you a fully functioning studio. On the other hand, a few bespoke shelves and display cases will be the simple additions you’ll need to store your collections, from books to vinyl records.

3) Basement Kitchen and Bar

Although it may seem unorthodox, converting your basement into a kitchen is not impossible. You can have a complete kitchen and bar that will be great for small parties. Transporting marble and wooden counters, modern appliances, and a set of creative lighting choices can transform the vibe of your dark basement into a lively home bar. Another benefit of having a basement bar is that you can turn the music up as much as you want without potentially bothering your neighbours.


Remodelling your home shouldn’t stop at the places that you frequently use. Sometimes, it can be more beneficial to rearrange your house’s areas that don’t receive as much attention. You can surprise yourself with the multiple ways you can upgrade your home’s features by just having an open mind.

Hiring construction experts who know how to navigate through the difficulty of handling basement spaces will be beneficial for your proposed basement remodel. If you’re looking for Red Deer-based basement renovation contractors, contact us today!


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