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Is Your Roof Ready For Spring And Summer?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

As a homeowner, don’t assume if your roof made it through the winter, it will be in a good condition for all the other seasons to come. It is important to inspect and prepare your roof for the spring and summer seasons with correct roof maintenance and repairs. Follow these tips to make your roof spring- and summer-ready.

Tips for Spring

Layers of snow can get accumulated on your roof and in roof gutters during winter. It is important to remove snow before it starts melting and seeps inside the roof. Moreover, inspecting the roof will not be possible without removing the snow.

Unclog the Eavestrough

During the winter, rain, wind, and storms fill your eavestrough with dead leaves, sticks, water, snow and other debris that can clog it. Inspect the eavestrough and unclog it. You can also check for cracks and holes in it. If you find any, get them repaired.

Check the Ceiling and Attic

Inspect the ceiling of your rooms and attic. Roof sagging, water stains, black marks, or mold indicate that your roof has a leak. Get them fixed with the help of professionals.

Inspect for Seasonal Damage

The snowfall and rainfall can damage roof shingles, planks, and boards. Look for loose shingles or flashing, as well as signs of mold or algae. Mold and algae indicate that there is moisture trapped inside the roof which can be difficult to remove. Shingles, flashings, and boards can crack, break, warp, curl, or even go missing due to heavy storm and wind. Replace these roof components if you find structural damages.

Trim Overhead Trees

During heavy storm or winds, the branches of the overhead trees can break off and cause significant damage to the roof. To make sure the roof remains safe for a long period, trim the trees and their hanging branches regularly.

Tips for Summer

Clean your Roof and Eavestrough

The dead leaves, twigs, branches and other debris can again accumulate inside the eavestrough after the spring. Unclog the eavestrough to keep the water flowing away from the house.

Check the Insulation and Ventilation

UV rays, high temperatures, and temperature fluctuations are all damaging factors that can degenerate the roof with time. Insulate your roof to keep it safe and maintain a cooler temperature inside your house.

Inspect HVAC

Inspect and repair your HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system if needed, to prevent the accumulation of humidity and condensation in your home and attic.

Consider having our professionals to inspect your roof. We are experts in providing various home services in Alberta and we also offer repair and replacement services. We closely work with our customers and help them find the most suitable options that fit their budget.



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