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Kitchen Storage Solutions to Consider in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house, and for an active family, it could also be the most challenging place to keep clean and in order. It stores the most heavily-used appliances in the house and is also filled with everyday necessities. It can get pretty greasy, sticky, and disorderly from time to time.

The kitchen is supposed to be the heart of any home, where the family gathers to eat and catch up. However, keeping it looking clean, tidy, and homey all the time can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Sometimes, the answer to this problem is an efficient organizational system that keeps the items, tools, and equipment to where they should be.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel soon, make sure to add kitchen storage solutions to your renovation plan.

Type of Kitchen Storage Solutions You Can Explore

There are different things to organize inside a kitchen. You have food, cooking tools and equipment, appliances, utensils, and more others to sort. Fitting so many things in a small space can sometimes be daunting, but an experienced contractor can help you with your store design and solve this everyday problem. Here are some of the ideas you can implement:

  1. Build Everything In: A custom kitchen is a secret for a successful and organized kitchen makeover. Through customization, you can maximize any space you have and change it into a functional location for your stuff. It is a practical and beautiful way to solve your space problems.

  2. Create a Pull-Out Pantry: This solution keeps things out of sight, freeing your kitchen spaces from clutter. It also ensures that any ingredients you need are accessible yet easy to tuck away.

  3. Store Items Above the Windows: Take advantage of any free space you have and turn it into a useful way to keep things tidy.

  4. Stretch Cabinets to the Ceilings: The right design will help you avoid clutter. Extend your drawers to the ceiling and put rarely used items up there.

  5. Hide Your Appliances: Letting your appliances blend well with your kitchen can make everything look more comfortable. Just make sure that they are still accessible and safe to use even when you hide them. The right contractor can help ensure that.

  6. Hang the Equipment You Can: Do you have a chopping board collection or too many pots and pans to store? You can always hang them. Aside from keeping them organized, it is a great way to display your fantastic collection.

  7. Put Drawers in Your Island: This is a space-saving tip, especially if your island is a large part of your kitchen. Make it extra useful by keeping storage solutions within or above it.

  8. Divide Kitchen Tools: Kitchen tools come in different shapes and sizes. Besides making things easier to find, you also get to maximize the space by keeping all small items together and allotting a dedicated space for the oddly-shaped utensils.


There are so many benefits to having and maintaining an organized kitchen. You would see where everything is placed, saving you time every time you prepare food. It saves you money because you already know what food items you still have. It makes daily maintenance more tolerable, and more importantly, it increases your home value and boosts productivity inside the kitchen.

Prioritizing kitchen organization can give you so many good things, so make sure to keep this factor in mind when doing kitchen remodelling. If you need help, ACT Home Services Interiors/Exteriors has over 25 years of combined experience to ensure your home gets the quality kitchen design it deserves. Our company can take care of everything—from designing to finding and installing kitchen upgrades to inspecting before the turnover. Contact us today to learn more about our service.


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