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3 Ways to Renovate Your Basement

Renovate Your Basement

Deciding to finish your basement is a great way to create extra space in your home and increase it's value. Unfortunately, while many homeowners have grand ideas about their basement renovation, plans can halt when you realize how overwhelming all of the choices can be. Here are some renovation ideas to get you started on your new basement.

The More Natural Light, the Better

Most basements can be dark and dull, so incorporating natural light in the basement is essential for visibility and aesthetics. Illuminate your basement through solar tubes that help the light travel to the darkest corners. Light wells are also great for bringing natural light to your basement. They are full-sized or small windows near the exterior walls, which receive the most sunlight. Other elements, such as glass doors contribute immensely to bringing the natural light in. These glass doors can be in the form of glass partitions or glass railings coming down the stairs to maximize the passage of light in your basement.

Creativity is the Way to Go

There are millions of ideas you could take inspiration from to make your basement a creative space. Many basements exceed the dimensions of your main rooms or living room due to their location, which makes it easier to create spacious second living space. Do you prefer a cozy seating area and a playroom for the kids, or a sophisticated wine tasting area? The basement is the perfect place to bring to life your dream space once you decide on the functionality that suits your needs.

Colours Are the Main Character

When designing your basements, opting for a light colour palette creates a more natural and spacious environment. Colours such as white and grey reflect more light, creating an illusion of a much bigger space. You can add accent walls in bright pastels to add flair and show off your style! If you decide to build your basement into an entertaining spot, a stylish brick statement wall, an island with bar stools, and some rich colours on the wall can help you set up a welcoming space. If it’s a bedroom that you opt for, go for elegant earthy textures, muted greens or beiges and add wooden elements and greenery to give you a natural feel in the room.

Managing your basement renovation can be daunting, and designing a new basement can take significant time. Leave your basement to the pros of A.C.T. Home Services. We create immaculate spaces and incorporate the best designs in every nook and cranny of your home. Reach out to us today.


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