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The Top 3: Renovation Suggestions For A Smaller Kitchen

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Smaller Kitchen

Large or small kitchen changes can raise the value and appeal of your home. The distinction between sizes, however, is how the repair is carried out. Larger kitchens allow for additional amenities and additions, such as islands and breakfast areas. However, the same is not applicable for smaller kitchens. To properly utilize the space in a small kitchen, you need to look at it differently. Here are a few ideas that can get you started.

1) Visuals

If you can't physically extend a tiny kitchen, utilize aesthetic methods to make it appear bigger and more open. One technique is to include glass into the cabinets. Installing glass-fronted cabinet doors is a simple method to provide the illusion of depth and additional space. A vibrant, eye-catching colour on the interior of an open cabinet (cabinets that are above) can also serve to attract the eye higher and create an illusion of height. A not too bright accent light that would help illuminate the space would be perfect for a smaller kitchen. Also, lighter paint colours might assist to open up a room as well.

2) Storage

You only have limited room and storage to work with in any tiny kitchen renovation work. Overcrowding the counters is an easy thing to do, but it diverts attention from the room's aesthetic. Instead, plan ahead of time and come up with creative storage solutions and cabinets to meet your needs.

Pots and pans will be much easier to store and reach with pull-out shelves and deep cabinets. Spices should be kept in narrow drawers, and the coffee pot should be kept out of the way in a corner on the counter. To generate visual interest and to make the most of any available wall space, combine multiple closed cabinets with open shelves. Just do not over do or it or it will misfire.

3) Budget

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying raw materials or new additions, but don't lose sight of the expense. It's best to focus on a few high-end upgrades in a small kitchen while optimizing the space available. New cabinets, fancy faucets can transform the kitchen into a stylish space. It should have all of the characteristics of a high-end space without breaking the bank.

Consider what is needed in your kitchen before you begin any renovation. Is there a way to modify the arrangement, or are the cabinets appearing old and faded? Perhaps your present countertop isn't up to snuff, and a new one would make dinner prep much easier. Begin by jotting down anything and everything that comes to mind--- then convert it into a priority list. It will make picking what to remodel along with structuring the budget a lot easier.

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