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Steps To Redoing Your Roof

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Redoing your roofing in Wetaskiwin doesn’t only mean removing the existing shingles and replacing them with the newer ones. There are a lot of things involved in the process of redoing a roof. Whether you need to enhance the aesthetics of your home or replace your worn out roof, here is the step-by-step method that ACT home services will follow when redoing your roof.

Firstly our professionals at ACT will determine if any permits will need to be purchased to do your roof.

The next step is to select the roofing or shingle material you want. You can either continue with the existing material or choose from the several roofing materials that are available.

We will then measure the dimensions of your roof and determine how many shingles will be needed to redo your roof. Shingles are normally sold in bundles, so we will determine how many bundles you will need.

It is important that you protect your property completely by using tarp and plywood to cover the lawn, deck, patio or porch, home walls, trees, and everything else on your property. Protecting the property is necessary to prevent things from getting damaged during the roof renovation process.

We then begin by removing the existing roofing material and shingles. A specially-designed roofing shovel is used to remove the shingles along with the sealing cement.

If your roof has metal flashing around the chimneys, skylights, vents, and valleys in the roof, our professionals will unscrew and remove them too.

The next step includes cleaning the roof and inspecting the wooden decking or the base of your roof. We ensure that all nails are intact and that they didn’t come out when the shingles were removed.

Our renovators will check the condition of the wooden decking. If the decking is soft, wet or rotted, we may need to replace the entire roof decking but generally we can replace only the affected areas. This is very important because only when you have a solid base for your roofing structure, your shingles will stay attached.

Once the roof base is nailed tightly and ready, we install drip edge at all edges of the roof. Drip edge is a piece of metal that is bent at 90 degrees to prevent rainwater from entering underneath the roofing material on all edges.

The ice and water shield is installed at the bottom of the roof and chimneys, pipe flanges, roof connections, eavestrough connection, and other roof penetrations. This shield is a temporary weather barrier.

The rest of the roof is covered with a waterproof Synthetic underlay. This underlay adds a layer of protection and prevents shingles from sticking to the wood.

The metal flashing over the roof connections is installed as the shingles are being installed.

The new shingles will be installed with the help of roofing adhesives and nails.

The entire roof is cleaned with a simple house sweeper and the new roofing materials are allowed to settle in place.

In the last step, we will remove the tarp and plywood from your property.

Although this process of redoing your roofing in Wetaskiwin may seem simple, it is advised to avoid doing it on your own. Redoing the roof is one of the trickiest jobs when it comes to repairing your home. Therefore, consider calling roofing experts in Wetaskiwin and let them take care of your roof in the best way possible.



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