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The Million Dollar Question?

Renovating Your House

The million dollar question when thinking about renovating your house is : "How much will it cost?"

While it would be great ( and easy ) to have a solid number set out in front of you, it is a process that involves dozens of hours of brainstorming, planning, shopping and even interviewing for the right contractor.

A renovated or updated bathroom or kitchen is almost always going to add value to your home. Finishing a basement is definitely going to add value to your home, both while you live there to enjoy it and if you decide to sell. Something that needs to be taken into consideration, is return on investment! While a wet room with floor to ceiling glass partitions looks great in a million dollar home, will it bring you the return you expect in the future? It very well might! But you need to do your homework! Something as simple as choosing matte black or rose gold fixtures is going to add cost to your bottom line, so you need to ask yourself the right questions: Is it practical, is it necessary and is it going to stay in style? If the answer is yes, then you’ve at least done your research and you can move onto other decisions.

Finishing your basement takes a lot of planning and design time. Making the most out of your added living space while keeping on budget can be a challenging undertaking! The costs of everything from flooring to tile to textured ceilings and finishing selections, to name a few, vary widely and can blow the budget quickly without a plan in place.

When you are looking for a Renovation company to guide you through the process of making all of the decisions, choose one who offers you design time and plenty of communication throughout the project as things change or questions arise.

At A.C.T. Construction and Renovations, we offer extensive design time, project managers with impeccable communication skills and decades of experience in construction. Give us a call today!


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