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A Bigger And Brighter Kitchen? Make The Two-Toned Appearance Work For You!

Two-Toned Appearance

A two-toned kitchen is a great way to tackle various design problems in a kitchen while also giving it a larger livelier overall appearance and making it more visually appealing. It also allows you to preserve the bottom cabinets in a redesign while only renovating the uppers to save money.

For good reason, kitchens have long been an integral part of design trends. The kitchen is the most used room in people's homes, so there's no reason to skimp on the aesthetics. We'll look at some of the most frequent ways individuals are cashing in on this phenomenon.

Choosing a Focus

One of the most typical methods is to designate one set of cabinets as the focal point of the room. For its central location in the plan, a kitchen island is generally used in this instance. Consider utilizing kitchen planning software to examine how a touch of colour might bring the attention to different parts of the room before making your selection. Keep in mind that the goal of a focus point is to draw attention to it. It can withstand a large, bold hue.

Lighter Colours on the Top

Using a darker shade on the lower cabinets and a lighter hue on the upper cabinets is another common way to combine this design. On the one hand, this look works because it allows you to make a point while still anchoring the area with a vibrant bottom colour. On the other hand, the lighter tint on your top cabinets will assist pulling the eye upward, making the area appear larger. You have options in how you portray the trend in this example. As demonstrated above, a bright colour can be used with white.

Coordinating Elements

Whatever style you choose for your cabinets, keep one thing in mind: each one should have some form of harmonizing feature. Remember that when you have two different appearances in the same room, it's critical to incorporate a few touches that show that they exist together. You have a few options for linking your cabinets together. Both the upper and bottom cabinets in the image above, for example, are painted in the same colour scheme. As an adjuster, consider using two distinct shades of the same hue. If you want two separate colours, though, you should definitely consider utilizing the same components throughout the area to tie the aesthetic together.

Increasing Brightness

A two-toned kitchen with deep coloured cabinets below and bright coloured cabinets above, whether stained or painted, is a wonderful pick. It may give you an airy, bright feeling while yet maintaining the traditional dark style that many people adore. If done rationally and wisely, it may also enable you preserve certain kitchen cabinets while utilizing new ones when adjustments are made during a redesign.

The two-toned kitchen cabinet is here to stay. Use the ideas as concept designs to create a style that is unique to you. For Kitchen Renovating in Wetaskiwin and other areas, connect with us. Our experts at A.C.T. Home Services will be happy to help you.


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