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Anyone Can Pick Up a Brush! Why Hire a Professional Painter?

Hire A Professional Painter

All it takes to paint a room or a house is a few brushes, a couple rollers and some paint, right? Then, after you have all those items ready to go you should be ready to slap on a fresh coat of paint and transform your space! How hard can it be?


Before you tackle this job, there are a few things you have to consider:

  • The first thing you will do is buy the paint! Do you need to prime? What sheen are you going to use? Do your research because these are very important decisions that will affect the finished product and the life of your freshly painted walls!

  • Now, walk around the room or rooms and count how many nails, cracks, holes and bumps your walls have. Every single one of those holes must be filled, allowed to dry, most likely be re-applied and then sanded flat. The bumps need to be sanded as well to allow for even coverage! And don't forget to count how many cover plates you'll have to remove and put back on. Add a few items to your shopping list!

  • Take note of the trim around the windows and doors. Do you want to tape it all so you don't splatter paint on it? Or you could try and pull it all off and hope none of it cracks or breaks. Add some tape and a pry bar to your list! Hopefully not new trim!

  • Now that prep work is done, you can pour some paint to your cup, grab a ladder and start cutting in on your walls...... BE CAREFUL or you’ll touch the ceiling and now you have to touch that up with ceiling paint! Make sure your floor is covered to protect it from that nasty paint!

  • Once all the cuts are done around windows, doors, ceilings and anything else a roller wont get near, you can begin rolling...Don’t forget to buy more trays, rollers and paint!

  • Do you know the right technique for rolling that allows your walls the best, most even coverage without leaving lines or drip marks? Better google that and hope you aren't stuck adding several more coats than necessary to achieve a half decent wall that shows well in all the lighting that will hit it!

As you can see, painting is a far bigger task than it appears to be! There are many variables that will either make or break the finished product and your time, money and sanity will all be at risk if you aren’t well prepared, knowledgeable and extremely careful!

At A.C.T. Home Services, our experienced team of painters will transform your walls in a timely, clean and professional manner. Leaving you with beautiful and updated spaces. Give us a call today to book your project in!



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