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Why You Need Eavestrough On Your House

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

It’s true that not all homes need an eavestrough. Eavestrough may not be needed in arid climates and regions that don’t receive heavy rains. But for regions like Edmonton where rainfall and snowfall are quite frequent, installing eavestrough on the edges of the roofing is a must. Below is a list of other reasons why you need to install eavestrough on your house to safeguard your property.

Well-designed Drainage

The prime reason why you need eavestrough on your house and maintain it regularly is to facilitate proper drainage of rainwater and melted snow. When you have eavestrough installed on the edges of your roofing, rainwater and melted snow flows along the sloped roofing and gets collected in the eavestrough. Water then flows down the downspouts connected to the eavestrough and gets drained away from the home walls. Improper or no drainage system for roof water results in water inappropriately flowing in random directions.

To Safeguard the Garden or Lawn

If you are a homeowner who loves to plant shrubs, flowers, creepers, and other vegetation next to your house, you surely need eavestrough on your house. Eavestrough makes sure that water is directed away from your home’s structure to a specific spot. If you don’t have eavestrough installed, water will directly fall down, damaging the plants and also causing massive soil erosion in your lawn. Not only this, water will also drip over the lawn and freeze overnight into solid sheets of ice above the plant surface during winter that could kill your garden.

To Avoid Basement Flooding

If your house does not have an eavestrough, the water will simply run down the sides of the walls. If the ground surface of your house isn’t sloped and leveled properly, water will be accumulated near the foundation. The tiny cracks in the ground and foundation walls can facilitate water to seep and cause leaks in the basement. Continuous leaks can turn into basement flooding without you even noticing it. Eavestroughs move water away from the house, thereby, preventing pools of water around the foundation and basement leaks.

In short, eavestroughs are necessary if you want your home elements to stay efficient for a long time. If you don’t want water damage in your roof, basement, foundation or even your garden, you must call the professional home improvement experts to install eavestroughs along your roofing edges.


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