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3 Ways to Create More Storage Space in Small Living Areas

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Our cities and towns might be getting bigger and grander with each passing day, but for individuals, living space has been diminishing constantly. We are witnessing a steady rise in property prices and a reaction to that is that our homes are getting compressed and more compact in order to maintain affordability. While we are getting by with this lack of space, wouldn’t it be better if we could have just the little bit of extra storage room? Our lives would definitely change for the better. If you want to squeeze out just that little bit of extra, read on:

Creating Extra Space in the Kitchen

We would all agree that our kitchens have suffered the most ever since we have been confined to these smaller and more compact homes. One way to create space would be using a custom-made insert in your kitchen, which would fit on the top rim of the sink. This would help produce two extra feet of space for preparing your daily meals. Wood wrapped around by Formica which fits the color scheme of the stove would also be an aesthetically appealing addition to your kitchen space. Other alternatives involve creating space for an extra shelf under the sink as a handy place for storing smaller utensils. We have also observed a trend of using wall shelves to make sure there is adequate space in the cabinets for other appliances.

Creating Storage Space in the Bedroom

Does your King sized bed occupy too much space? Think of altering it as a smarter option for storage purposes. Use of plastic storage bins, old dresser drawers on wheels and custom made wooden bins are nifty measures for storing your lesser needed items such as seasonal clothes, older quilts, and extra pillows.

These storage bins and dresser drawers could easily be sneaked under the bed when not in use. Adding a bookcase in the middle of your closet might seem like a big change, but it is super effective, and you would be able to hang your clothes on either side of the bookcase. You can consult a Leduc Reno company to bring these ideas to fruition.

Creating Cubbyholes

Cubbyholes are becoming increasingly popular as storage solutions which work just about anywhere. And, if used correctly, enhance your décor too. A drywall board can be knocked to fit a framework of medium-sized studs.Finishing touches to these cubbies can be provided using polished wood for adequate paneling. You can also install a cubby hole by the front door to keep daily-use belongings such as hats, keys, and gloves. These additions make equal sense in a living room where you could store TV and DVD player remotes, magazines and perhaps even a tiny collection of books. Contact a Leduc Reno company for further assistance.

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