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4 Ways To Spruce Up Your Powder Room

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

In most houses powder rooms are tiny, drab spaces that owners have difficulty decorating due to their small size. Sometimes people even end up turning this room into their buffer storage area. However, a powder room is primarily meant for guests. Hence, it needs to be decorated well and with keeping in mind your guest’s comfort. There are many modern powder room ideas which can spruce up this space with minimal effort. Irrespective of your budget, these 4 ideas can help you create an amazing powder room:

1) Ornate Wallpapers

Think out of the box and avoid using neutral hues for your powder room. Incorporate different prints, stripes and other designs of your choice. Alternately, you can also opt for a decorative wallpaper to create a more luxurious space. If you are averse to using a lot of patterns and prints, then you can opt for a minimalistic patterned wallpaper or stick to a monochromatic palette. You can match your mirror and other furniture to your wall color to create synergy.

2) Fine Furniture

Opt for unconventional furniture options by choosing antique designs to give your powder room an old world charm. You can also add some rustic cabinets below your washbasin to add some country charm.  Depending on the look you want for your powder room, you can choose, Mediterranean, Moroccan or Spanish styled furniture.

3) Venetian Mirror

A good mirror can make all the difference to your powder room. A corner washbasin and cabinet is a good option for this area as it is functional as well as maximizes the space. You can also hang a circular mirror above the basin to add depth to your powder room. Venetian mirrors are usually the most preferred choices for homeowners.

4) Decorative Plants

If you love greenery, then you can also incorporate some floral elements in your powder room. Ornamental plants look really good when placed near the washbasin and add vibrancy to the space.

With the help of a good Alberta home renovator, you can implement these modern powder room ideas for your home perfectly. To begin your renovation project and obtain accurate estimates for the same, get in touch with our experts at ACT Home Services.



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