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5 Bathroom Renovation Tips to Increase Your Home Value

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

As a homeowner, nothing can be more satisfying than deciding to start a bathroom renovation project. There’s just something fulfilling about transforming it into a Zen space for your daily rituals or turning it into a highly functional and visually appealing room. After all, it’s a part of your house that’s often used and abused, so it makes sense to give it a major overhaul from time to time.

If you are starting a bathroom renovation and want to increase your property’s value at the same time, here are five tips for your consideration:

1) Apply a Fresh, New Paint

Are you tired of your bathroom’s current look? If so, then give it a major facelift by applying fresh, new paint, as this can be the most practical way to change its appearance and enhance its overall beauty. As such, you will be able to conceal some of the surface imperfections and flaws that have emerged over time and give it a new mood to create the perfect ambiance. Just be sure to have a theme in mind, and choose quality paint that will work wonders on your bathroom!

2) Install New Flooring

Another way to increase your property’s value through a bathroom remodel is to install new flooring. If your ceramic or porcelain tile floors are already worn out, you may consider setting up new tile options instead. With that, you can opt for other flooring options laminate, vinyl, and natural stone flooring. Just keep in mind to factor in your bathroom elements and consider what you want to achieve. You’ll be surprised at how new flooring can take your bathroom up a notch!

3) Install New Fixtures

It’s a good idea to look at your existing bathroom and assess the plumbing fixtures you currently have. Some of them may have already malfunctioned or become outdated over time. For instance, you may want to consider replacing your showerheads, faucets, sink, or even the toilet itself. If they are no longer working properly, it’s time to replace them with new ones for functional purposes.

4) Have Vanity Upgrades

Another way to improve your bathroom is to have a vanity upgrade that’s complete and aesthetically pleasing. Pay attention to not only the bathroom sink or basin but also the storage that surrounds it. For instance, you should upgrade your cabinetry if it has to hold plenty of hygiene products, toiletries, and medications. Also, you may consider updating the countertops with granite or marble materials. Ultimately, it all boils down to what you hope to achieve with the renovation.

5) Opt for Energy-Efficient Units

Every homeowner should consider using energy-efficient appliances or fixtures to reduce their energy use, save on their monthly energy bills, and help save the environment. This idea applies to your bathroom renovation project as well. For instance, instead of using a water heater with a tank, opt for a more advanced tankless unit that will be more efficient for you and your family. Another way is to go for a water-saving toilet, such as a modern model with dual flushes!


A bathroom renovation project is worth pursuing for any homeowner. Whether you want to tackle a few upgrades or go for a full bathroom remodel, it will be fulfilling in the end. Just be sure to follow the practical renovation tips mentioned above, and you’ll be surprised at how a bathroom remodel can lift your property up a notch and ultimately increase your homes value!

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