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5 Bathroom Renovations For A Vintage Look

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

We all tend to value and cherish things of the past. Be it fashion, cars, wine, or architecture, vintage is always classy. It is for this reason that people prefer vintage looks for their homes as well. Some might call it old-school, but vintage structural designs add a unique old-world charm to the beautiful rooms of your house. Many competent Alberta home renovators are catering to the rising demand for vintage style rooms with their specialized renovations. Impress your guests this festive season with these bathroom renovation ideas for a vintage look:

1) Natural Materials

Vintage means taking inspiration from the past. It’s hard to imagine a vintage space with the extensive use of composite or man-made materials for the bathroom countertops and fixtures. Opt for a soapstone countertop, wooden walls, and an antique sink for that Victorian vibe.

2) Timeless Tiles

Make your bathroom look like a scene from a period movie by using tiles which are inspired from early lavatories. You can ask your Alberta home renovator to get penny tiles installed in your shower and for your bathroom flooring. Retro daisy motifs on the floor and black horizontal tiles in the shower room will be a refreshing break from the conventional all-white bathroom.

3) Vintage Bathroom Fixtures

Fixtures are the main highlight of any bathroom. Hence, it is necessary that you pay careful attention to your choice of fixtures as they can make or break the vintage look of your washroom. Choose a pedestal sink with antique mirrors mounted on top. Try a metal finish sink faucet, preferably in gold, to give a rich, period look to your bathroom. Many vendors sell affordable bathroom fixtures with porcelain, nickel, chrome antique brass, rust, enamel, black, and gold finishes that can help you transform your space economically.

4) Spacious Areas

One thing common in all vintage bathrooms is that they are spacious. If you are getting your bathroom remodeled, then you can ask your Alberta home renovator to make sure the space is abundant. Opt fora vaulted ceiling, hardwood floors, white-painted rafters, and blue-grey wallpapered walls. Add breezy sheer curtains, a dressing table, and a vintage bench to complete the look.

5) Vintage Storage Solutions

You can use bits of old Italian scones, classic tiles, salvaged shelves and a barbershop style cabinet to complete the vintage look of your washroom. Cane baskets can be placed right below the sink to keep your towels, and unfinished open wooden shelves can be used to store your toiletries.

These were some ideas for you to incorporate into your upcoming bathroom renovation project. If you are on the lookout for a good Alberta home renovator, then get in touch with us. We provide all kinds interior and exterior renovation services at ACT Home Services.


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