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5 Space-saving Renovation Ideas To Steal From Tiny Homes

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

As the prices of real estate continue to soar, the value of open space in homes is also increasing. Family owners who can afford to buy new homes, move out and opt for bigger and more spacious homes. But, for those of us who have higher expenses and mortgage installments, purchasing a new home might not be possible. In such cases, we have to make the best of the space we have.

There are many space-saving renovations that can be done with the help of experienced Alberta home renovators to accommodate your needs. You must have seen home improvement programs where people accommodate all their needs in tiny homes. There’s a lot that we can learn from these small homes. Let’s take a look at some of tiny house tips and tricks that you can use for your next space-saving home renovation project:

1) Versatile Furniture

Using double-duty furniture can be an efficient way of saving space in your home. Look for areas where you can convert your regular furniture into a storage providing unit. For example, you can utilize the space below your bed to store a lot of things or your sofa set can double up as a storage container. You can also buy a coffee table that can be converted into a dressing table where you can store things for everyday use.

2) Optimizing Loft Space

Your loft has a lot of potential for storage. The stairs that head to the loft can also double up as drawers in which you can store your books, gadgets, decorations, clothes and other belongings. Most home dwellers use their attic as a sleeping space by converting it into a cozy bedroom.

3) Use Wall Space

If you observe small house dwellers, you will realize that they have no reservations in exploring unique storage ideas to optimize their space. You too can adopt this concept to ease your storage struggles. Make the most of the vertical space in your rooms to store as much as possible. This can be done effectively in the kitchen, where you can have cube-shaped storage shelves on walls to store different types of food supplies in each cube.

4) Built-in Storage Space

Built-in storage is the best way of concealing your storage cabinets and shelves. They save space and at the same time store a whole lot of your belongings. This can be implemented in your attic, bathroom, and children’s room. Use pull out steps for your wine bottles and use unutilized space in your house for creating cabinets.

These were some tiny house tips and tricks that you can take inspiration from for your home. If you want to adopt these ideas for your home, then get in touch with us at the earliest. We are Alberta home renovators, and we specialize in interior and exterior home renovation projects.



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