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5 Tips To Get Your Home Ready For Fall

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

While you enjoy the last few days of summer, this is the right time to prepare for fall which is just around the corner. Make yourselves and your homes fall-ready before the snowy months of winter arrive. If you’ve been planning to renovate before Christmas, this is the time to get it done. While gearing up for the winters, it would be helpful to begin by preparing a checklist of all the things in your house which needs attention. You can then get a good Alberta home renovator to kick-start the work. Here are a few tips we recommend for the ideal homeowner fall checklist.

Check The Heating System

Your heating system is your savior during the chilly months of winter. So make sure you get your home ready for the fall. Some common signs which indicate that your heating system needs a repair are noisy belts, varying heating efficiency, and filter related issues. If you observe any of these signs, then you should get HVAC professionals to come and fix it for you.

Clean Your Eaves Trough

You don’t want clogged gutters and drains during winters. To avoid gutter related troubles make sure you clean your eavestrough before the winters. Get rid of leaves, twigs, and gunk to prevent water from getting trapped in your drains. Clogged drains can lead to ice dams which require expensive repairs.

Service Your HVAC System

Your air conditioning system will get its due rest all through winter. But, before that, you should get your HVAC system serviced. For the better part of summer, you were probably using it 24/7. At times, this does lead to certain inefficiencies in its functioning. This can be fixed by a qualified HVAC professional.

Prep Your Fireplace

Winters are the time when you will be using your fireplace the most. So if your fireplace needs some maintenance, then this is the time to get it done. You can get your fireplace remodeled with the help of a good Alberta home renovator. Another aspect of prepping your fireplace is to stock up on wood to burn during those extremely chilly, snowy days.

Drain Your Sprinkler System

During winters there is a high risk of busted pipes and broken sprinkler heads. This happens when the water in these systems freeze. So as part of your to-do list to get your home ready for fall, make sure you drain your sprinkler system. Firstly, turn off the water supply to the system. Then, shut off the controller of the system and open the drain valve to remove water from the system.

So these were a few tips to include in a homeowner fall checklist. To know more about the renovations and repairs to be done before fall, get in touch with our experts at ACT Home services.



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